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Alaska Gambling Expansion Study In the Works

Alaska might be entertaining the expansion of gambling. The recent news comes from a study that is ongoing within the state. 

Alaska is not known for gambling so this might be a surprise to some. Indeed, the gambling movement has taken over the US by storm since 2018. 

So far, there is a $400,000 feasibility study conducted by the Revenue Department. The gambling-expansion will take a look at how Alaska can implement casinos, sports betting and various legalized gaming that can help benefit the state. 

Alaska Gambling Expansion | Studies to Help Locate Prime Areas 

The study, in addition, will attempt to find land-based gambling operation locations within the projected economic, public safety and social impacted areas. Simply put, they are wanting to strategically place these locations to better serve the economy. 

The boost of the potential expansion could help with tourism and other various forms of traveling guests in the economy. Whichever route they decide to follow, the studies are potentially going to help. 

It has not been stated which specific areas needed the most support, but locals could help define the areas best fit for the growth. Indeed, some areas will be more prone to growth than others depending on the results. 

Alaska Gambling Seeking a Positive Boost

Alaska gambling is still in the far future. They have some smaller versions of this, such as pull tabs and even bingo. 

Bringing gambling to life could help bring in positive returns to the state. In addition, it could provide steady revenue throughout the region and make it a hot spot for locals. 

The movement is being headlined by Innovation Group, which is a global gaming consultant company. The company was hired to conduct their research in March and is expected to be finished by the end of August.

The company has a resume for helping out companies in their search for development. These include:

  • Caesars Entertainment
  • Hard Rock Cafe International
  • Hilton Hotels and Resorts
  • Planet Hollywood
  • Trump Entertainment Resorts

Alaska’s Governor, Mike Dunleavy, has claimed that he is all for a gambling expansion to help generate revenue. He believes that it could help create high paying jobs and plenty to go around.  

Expansion Unique to the State

The contract developed between Alaska and Innovation Group has made the move unique to Alaska. The company’s study is geared towards what would work best in the market for Alaska and how it benefits the state the most. 

The economic impact has tremendous upside if done correctly. The consultants will seek out information from the local clientele that habit the region. 

In addition, they will also speak with company representatives and businesses that have a say in the economy too. This will help with the process of finding prime locations and what to bring forth. 

As more companies and locals speak about the study, it will help out developing the expansion much easier. By the end of August, you could start to see more details emerge. 

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