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WNBA Team Phoenix Mercury Signs Deal with Bally’s Corporation

Bally’s Bet is making another blockbuster deal to secure a very competitive edge in the sports betting market. Recently they formed a partnership with the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury. 

This 15-year deal arguably puts a huge stamp on the market for territory. With the deal being put in place soon, it allows Bally’s to enter the market for Arizona and potentially launch later this year. 

Money to be Made

It is estimated that Bally’s latest deal is worth $66 million spread out over 15 years. This makes Bally’s the official gaming partner for Mercury. 

The deal is a remarkable stepping stone to women’s sports betting. In addition, it also marks the first-ever sports betting agreement with the team and the largest team sponsorship in women’s sports. 

Arizona now features its first women’s sports betting agreement after signing deals with other major league teams. This creates a great opportunity for other WNBA teams in the state as well as potentially further expanding to other states. 

Phoenix Mercury to Benefit and Grow

Player and fan experience could prove to benefit from the deal as well. Bally’s could offer enticing incentives to guests during the game as well as contests in live home games. 

As more revenue is being made, it obviously benefits the organization too. Players could earn more money and the organization could thrive. 

Bally’s looks to drive up fan engagement and attract new customers to the market. In a double whammy, they could attract new sports bettors and fans of the WNBA. 

Where Bally’s Goes from Here

Bally’s now enters their 15th state with the inclusion of Arizona. However, the sportsbook will not be available until roughly late this year or the beginning of the NFL season for some states like Arizona, Maryland, or Louisiana

This is due to deals being conducted midway through the year and other legal options as they enter the market. For deals like these, the process has been smooth but still needs the required timeline to finalize them. 

Once the sports betting launched for Bally’s in Arizona, there will be some time for the company to feel out the market. If Arizona bodes well for the company and in the WNBA, they could look to make a similar deal in another big market along with another WNBA team. 

Arizona Market Expansion 

Arizona now features a handful of quality sports betting bookies to give some relief to sports bettors. Some of these famous ones include Caesars, Bally’s, DraftKings, and FanDuel.  

At first, tribal casinos were given the first shot at the market along with major sports franchises. Now, the market for the state is quite healthy and growing. 

One good thing about the many options available is that sports bettors will have the luxury of choosing the right sportsbook for them. In a very competitive market, Bally’s understands the competition and drive to be successful, so this could lead to very compelling odds and features for the fans. 

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