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Arizona Finally Announces January Sports Betting Numbers

The Arizona Department of Gaming has finally totaled up the sports betting numbers and have made that report official. It was a record setting month for the state of Arizona and it helped push the United States to a new record as well.

The total sports betting handle in Arizona was $563.7 million, shattering the previous record that was set in December. The previous total was just shy of $500 million, and there was an increase of 12.9% from December to January.

Both retail and online sports betting are legal in Arizona, but nearly all of the bets were placed through a mobile device. The mobile sports betting handle was $558.7 million, making up over 99 percent of the total.

Not only did sportsbooks in Arizona see more action during the month of January, but it was also a much more profitable month. The adjusted gross gaming revenue was $19.6 million, and that was an increase from the $1.7 million in December.

It will take Arizona a couple of months before the February totals are announced, but it’s expected to be a significant decrease. Arizona just launched sports betting in September but the state is already looking like one of the biggest markets in the United States.

DraftKings Leading the Way

Arizona has been able to attract nearly all of the biggest names in the sports betting industry, but there are a couple of sportsbooks leading the way. Three sportsbooks had a handle of more than $100 million, but it was DraftKings that clearly landed on top.

The total sports betting handle at DraftKings was $173.1 million, and FanDuel Sportsbook was next on the list at $153.9 million. BetMGM is trying to keep pace with the leaders, but the total handle for that operator was $120 million.

Arizona has 20 online sports betting licenses available, and 18 of those have already been claimed. There will continue to be more growth as new operators launch, but don’t expect big changes on the leaderboard.

U.S. Sets New Record

Now that the state of Arizona has announced the January sports betting totals it puts a wrap on the entire United States industry. The total sports betting handle in the United States for January was $9.817 billion, easily shattering the previous record.

October 2021 was the biggest month on record up to this point with a total sports betting handle of $7.54 billion. The National Football League helped boost both of the numbers, but this growth shows how popular sports betting has become.

Sportsbooks throughout the United States combined to post a total sports betting revenue of $561.1 million. There were three states that went over $1 billion in total handle in January and those states were New York, New Jersey, and Nevada.

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