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FansUnite Sports Betting Moving Forward in the US

Let’s take a look at the FansUnite sports betting strategy a bit closer. Online Sports Betting is exploding all over the world and especially in the United States. FansUnite, a sports gambling platform based in Vancouver Canada is now working on bringing its services to the US. Canada is much different than the U.S. in terms of legalizing sports betting.

Currently, single sports gambling in Canada is not legal, but with the power of Bill, C-218 Canadians are hoping that this can change. Canadians right now are only allowed to gamble on sports with parlays.

What is Bill C-218

Bill C-218 is a legislature that would allow the government to allow legal single sports betting on a race, fight, event, or contest. This bill was introduced in the 43rd parliament by Conservative Kevin Waugh. Most recently the Bill was read by the House on Feb. 5. The passing of this bill would mean great things in Canada, but for right now companies in Canada are trying to get things started in the United States.

What Did FansUnite Do?

Recently FansUnite took the next step towards bringing their services to the United States by signing an engagement agreement with law firm Ifrah Law to work on licenses in different states in the U.S. FansUnite is expected to pursue their first license with Ifrah Law in New Jersey. Jeff Ifrah of Ifrah Law is expected to play a major role in getting FansUnite up and running.

“Jeff and his team are a great addition to the global legal team that we have assembled to oversee the delivery of FansUnite’s offerings,” said Scott Burton, CEO of FansUnite. “With a long-standing career as a prominent attorney in gaming law, Jeff will accelerate our expansion into the highly complex U.S. betting and iGaming market.”

New Jersey is one of the states that recently legalized sports betting and it has been a tremendous hit reaching over $4 billion in wagers the first year it was legal and $5 billion in wagers in year two. On the other side of this agreement, Jeff Ifrah is also excited about the opportunities ahead.

“We’re excited to onboard FansUnite at Ifrah Law to help guide their licensing strategy in the U.S. market,” said Jeff Ifrah, Founding Member, Ifrah Law. “We’ve been following FansUnite’s recent growth and we look forward to working with their team to expand their footprint into the U.S. market.”

What is FansUnite?

FansUnite is a Canadian based sports and entertainment company that is working to emerge in the legal sports gambling industry. On the FansUnite website, their mission is to,

“be the iGaming industry leader by providing our partners and players the industry’s most versatile and vertically integrated platforms with a portfolio of unique products and a focus on esports, sports betting, casino and the next generation of bettors.”

Like many of the Sports betting companies, FansUnite wants to be involved in all areas of iGaming and sports betting.


Now breaking into the sports betting industry in the United States will not be an easy task as many different companies are already established and many more companies that are trying to expand into different states. FansUnite is laying down the groundwork to break into this industry in 2021.

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