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fuboTV Users Can “Kinda” Wager on Sports Through Their App

FuboTV is dipping its toes in the sports betting world after a recent announcement from the company. Member can “kinda” wager on the upcoming South American World Cup event directly from the app. However, there will be no real money wagers for this experiment.

fuboTV “Kinda” Offering Sports Betting

FuboTV users will have access to a sports betting experiment during the South American World Cup. Users will have the option to answer questions regarding the soccer matches, and the winner of the contest will receive a full year of the streaming service.

There will be no odds or lines associated with the fuboTV questions. FuboTV generated $119.7 million in revenue, and this latest project will draw more attention to the platform.

The fuboTV promotion is not truly sports betting, but it’s the first step towards wagering through the platform. This reason has caused the sports betting industry to buzz.

The combination of fuboTV and sports betting could create a substantial revenue stream in the future. The program that fuboTV is launching has never been done by any global streaming service.

fuboTV and Sports Betting

FuboTV executives have always been in favor of sports betting. This is evident by the company using the South American World Cup promotion as a steppingstone towards legal wagering. The company has plans to continue integrating sports betting into its platform. The next step would be to incorporate live odds into fuboTV streams.

The ultimate goal for the company is to have a unique sportsbook for the site, but this first step will indicate how the current users will consume betting through fuboTV.

FuboTV’s Chief Product Officer Mike Berkley spoke about the latest promotion from his company.

“Our hypothesis is that it’s going to be an engagement driver, but also in the bigger picture, it’s kind of our first step towards our overall gaming strategy. Think of this really as a platform feature, where we can create a more enhanced viewing experience for every kind of content we provide on the platform.”

Specifics of the Contest

The South American World Cup contest will not resemble betting in terms of odds and lines. It will look like a trivia game where questions will pop up throughout matches. Some of the questions will include which team will score first, will a team score two unanswered goals, etc.

Even though the contest does not include money, the prize is precious. A one-year subscription to fuboTV costs $780 or $65 per month. There is a lot of excitement with fuboTV, and the company is trying to capitalize on the momentum.

FuboTV CEO David Gandler is delighted with how his company has developed. He believes the betting contest is the next step for unparalleled growth.

“For the first time in any first quarter, we reported sequential revenue and subscriber growth, despite past seasonality trends. This tells us that consumers are increasingly cutting the cord. We believe they are choosing fuboTV, enticed by superior value, our year-round content offerings, and a customer-centric, innovative consumer product experience relative to legacy pay TV. We see this trend continuing to accelerate as more consumers discover they can cut the cord without losing access to the sports teams, live channels and content they love.”

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