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Westgate SuperContest Improvements for 2021 Season

Westgate SuperContest is back for the 2021 NFL season

Las Vegas is ready for football season, and this apparent by the number of NFL betting promotions that are being marketed in the area. One month ago, Circa Sports launched its Circa Millions NFL betting contest.

Now Westgate announced its SuperBook is back for the 33rd edition of its SuperContest. SuperContest registration began last week, and it will accept entries through September 11. More contests are expected to be announced as training camp approaches.

Westgate SuperContest Format

The classic format for the Westgate SuperContest is still intact, but there are a few improvements for the 2021 season. The entry fee is $1,000 in 2021 instead of $1,5000 as it was last year.

Cutting the entry fee down by 33% will help more viewers sign up following the pandemic. Contestants will choose five games each week against a contest line.

Successful picks will earn points, and these will be tracked throughout the duration of the season. Participants who earn the most points will be the winners at the end of the season.

SuperBook Executive VP Jay Kornegay announced the estimated winnings based, and they are vast. If 2,500 people register for the contest, the winner will receive $547,000. The runner-up is expected to earn $164,000.

Everyone in the top 30 will receive a payout. Last place in this group will be given $6,800. Westgate SuperContest and Circa are the two biggest NFL competitions in town. Circa put Las Vegas sports betting on the map, and its NFL prediction contests date back to the seventies.

SuperBook is Winning with Volume

SuperBook cutting its entry fee down for the SuperContest is going to help the game prevail against Circa. The benefit of Circa is that the winner will receive $1 million no matter how many entries there are for the contest.

SuperBook decided to cut prices with the hopes of receiving more entries. They are making payout estimates based on 2,500 participants. They will likely reach this threshold.

Nevertheless, the payout structure is very appealing no matter how many registrations the sportsbook receives. $1 million is a great payout, but the industry believes that bettors would instead take a chance of winning with SuperContest because the top 30 participants are rewarded.

Kornegay gave the company’s reasoning for the new structure in 2021.

He said, “I’m sure the majority of people prefer more chances to win. And we base our decisions on the majority. We understand some of our competitors have bigger prize pools, but we’re the only ones to offer in-season.”

Kornegay thinks the top prize will turn off some high rollers. However, high rollers will not make or break the contest. Bulk wins with NFL betting promotions in Las Vegas.

Additionally, the SuperContest will feature mini-games throughout the 2021 season. The additional NFL game in 2021 made the book create six three-week and three six-week mini-contests.

All six three-week contests will pay out a guaranteed $75,000 for first place, $25,000 for second place, and $5,000 for third. The three six-week games will pay out $100,000 for first, $50,000 for second, $10,000 for third, and $5,000 for fourth, and $2,500 for fifth.

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