England vs Denmark Prediction

England vs Denmark Prediction

England vs Denmark Prediction – In the second semifinal of the 2020 European Championship, England will host Denmark at home in Wembley on Wednesday, July 7. Kickoff is at 3:00 pm EST. Denmark is riding a dream tournament wave currently. After their traumatic first game with Eriksen’s collapse, the Danes have only improved, taking down the Czech Republic fairly easily in the quarter finals.

England has played soaringly as of recent, showing their inability to score in the group stage was just a fluke. Both of these teams are on the rise, but which one of them will get to compete in the championship?

England’s Ways to Win

England finally have an attack. Jadon Sancho finally saw the field and performed well. England, on paper, has the more impressive team. They have the accolades. They have the individual talent. What needs to happen from them, is they need to push their talent onto Denmark. Their pace up top is quite difficult to handle. So, England needs to press high and make sure they smother Hojbjerg.

Hojbjerg has unlocked the game for Denmark. He controls the tempo and gets the ball into wide areas for the Danes through straight passes and through ball. If England can kill his time on the ball, or at least stop him from looking up and playing forward, Denmark will struggle for options.

Southgate needs to have a plan. This England team has looked a little lost throughout the tournament. They don’t quite have a strong shape, or appear to be doing anything. The ball moves without players moving and they stagnate. This cannot happen in such a big game. Southgate needs to have a gameplan and England need to execute.

Denmark’s Ways to Win

Denmark need to look to get the ball in wide areas. They have shown throughout this tournament that they are fantastic in the air. Whether it comes from a set piece or a ball in the corner from the run of play, Denmark can create some threatening opportunities if they manage to whip in decent crosses throughout the game. England have an equally good in the air defense, but all Denmark needs is one misstep, and England are not invincible.

Defensively, the Danes have to be strong one-on-one. And, now that Harry Kane seems to be getting back in form, the ball really needs to be denied from the center. England has struggled to get the ball to Harry Kane centrally.

Rather, they are forced into playing from wide areas, which worked against Ukraine and worked against Germany. The are at their most dangerous centrally, though, and Denmark will have to stay disciplined and compact to deny those decisive passes in between the lines.

England vs Denmark Prediction

Unfortunately, Denmark’s dream run will have to come to an end. It won’t be a blowout, but England, pound for pound, beats Denmark. Denmark won’t have the pace to deal with England’s attack. And, now that England has sorted out their previously weak and impotent offense, they should be able to roll through Denmark

However, I don’t think this Denmark team will roll over and will definitely make this a game. They just won’t be able to take down this England side and Southgate will save his job.

Prediction: England 2 Denmark 1

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