New York City FC vs Chicago Fire Betting Prediction

New York City FC vs Chicago Fire Betting Prediction

The Chicago Fire will host New York City FC at Soldier Field in Chicago at 8:00 pm ET on August 4th. The two Eastern Conference teams have not faced each other so far this season, but it will be a battle of top vs bottom here.

The Chicago Fire have had a disappointing season to say the least, sitting at 13th in the Eastern Conference with 12 points over 15 matches played. Their form has been poor as of late as well dropping their last game to Toronto.

New York City FC has been a different story entirely and have been in fantastic form as of late. They are 3rd in the Eastern Conference with 26 points over 15 games played. Their goal differential in their last three games is 10-1. These were of course all wins. They are a team who has found their footing as of late; they will be fired up.

Keys to the Match

Chicago Fire are going to be playing this game with little rest. They will have three days to travel back home for this one and the game they just played was one with 10 men. This team will be fatigued. NYCFC will be well rested and fired up after demolishing two top five teams in the Eastern Conference.

Chicago will have to play very conservatively in this one and make sure their defense is not caught up high. NYCFC have figured out their pace and are mean on a counter-attack. Thiago is fast and is outpacing just about everyone who dares face him in a foot race.

With this Chicago team that plays a high line and is constantly struggling to deal with a ball over the top, NYCFC and Thiago should have a field day.

Chicago can score. Don’t get me wrong. They don’t do it much, but this is a NYCFC team that should have their center back and goalkeeper back for this one from the Gold Cup, so their previous weaknesses will be hammered out. Offensively has always been where NYCFC could use some work and consistency, so when it is hitting right, it is hitting right.

New York City FC vs Chicago Fire Bets to Take

This is an easy match to predict. One team scores a ton and has been scoring a ton as of late with their attack clicking. One team gives up a ton of goals and has a very undisciplined defense that seems frustrated with how the season has gone and only gotten worse.

The game goes to New York City FC without a doubt. They haven’t played to a tie since May 15 in quite a fluke of a game. They are not a team that ties. Because of that, the moneyline is the first bet worth taking here. They are a heavy favorite, but because of soccer odds and the possibility of tying, which is slim with this matchup, the moneyline is the first bet to take. DraftKings has them at +100.

In that same vein, I would recommend doubling down on the fact that New York City FC don’t give up many goals (even without Sean Johnson) by going for NYCFC/NYCFC at +195 for the halftime/fulltime bet. I really don’t see this game going any other way besides NYCFC’s way heavily.

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