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Genius and WynnBET Partner Up

Genius Sports Group is a sports data and technology company that provides data management and services to major sports leagues and organizations. And now Genius and WynnBet partner up!

Genius Sports is partnered with over 150 of the world’s largest sportsbooks such as Skybet, DraftKings and, WilliamHill.

In May 2019 Genius made a deal to become the exclusive provider of NASCAR sports betting data to license sportsbooks. This allowed Genius to create a real-time betting platform for NASCAR in-race wagering markets.

On Tuesday Genius Sports Group declared that it had signed a multi-state official data partnership with WynnBet. WynnBet is an online U.S. sportsbook brand of Wynn Resorts.

Genius Sports will provide the New Jersey-based WynnBet with LiveData and LiveTrading services. This will power in-game betting experiences in three states so far.

As of right now, this includes New Jersey, Colorado and Michigan and more states will be joining soon.
WynnBet has access in Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Ohio, Nevada and recently received a license in Tennessee and is expected to launch there soon.

WynnBet also recently applied for a license in Virginia after they opened up their sports betting market in January.

WynnBET is the sixth betting platform Genius has added to its inventory .Genius sports is based in London the UK and has an international component.

They will focus on NASCAR but this agreement will enable WynnBET to have access to international soccer, table tennis, basketball and various federations and leagues.

Genius Sports Group is the official data and technology partner that connects sports betting and media. Many have expressed misgivings about the combination of auto racing and wagering.

However, the two partners are convinced that the potential for success is huge. They recognize the popularity of car racing which will be boosted by the new in-race betting options. Additionally, Wynn is introducing several unique and creative proposition wagers that will augment interest and inspire growth.
Genius Sports, in touting the deal with WynnBET, pointed out that Genius is in the best position to enhance WynnBet’s expanding online sports book and in-gaming offering.

“With growing numbers of states introducing online betting regulation, in-game handling is quickly rising- and WynnBET recognizes the direct engagement and revenue benefits of official data in this landscape.”
In truth, it seems like a great partnership. Genius uses extra fast cutting-edge technology and can help maximize the value of content. They empower sports sites to capture, manage and distribute their live data and video.

WynnBET offers a high-quality user interface and unique social mechanics for sports books. What could be better than that for the fans?

So many look forward to the NASCAR 2021 Cup Series. What fun to enhance the experience through this partnership.

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