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Missouri, Texas Both Trying Again For Sports Betting

There is no slowing down the sports betting industry in the United States, and more growth is expected in 2023. Things will begin right away in the new year as online sports betting will begin in Ohio on January 1, 2023.

Nearly the entire Midwest will have legal betting when it goes live in Ohio, but the state of Missouri is currently left out of the mix. There is a chance that things could change in 2023, but Missouri won’t be the only state exploring this option.

With over 30 states that now have some sort of betting available, states without sportsbooks are now in the minority. The country is still without sports betting in the three most populated states, but Texas is trying to change that narrative.

This won’t be the first attempt for either state, but there are still some hurdles that need to get crossed before it becomes a realistic option.

Missouri Must Make Decision on VLTs

The sports betting situation in the state of Missouri is messy, and it’s due to the fact that video lottery terminals are thrown into the mix. There are enough lawmakers that want to see this form of betting legalized, and it has now been included in new sports betting legislation.

Senator Denny Hoskins recently pre-filed Senate Bill 1 and the major focus is still on legalizing sports betting. There was some language about VLTs included, and that is likely going to take up most of the discussion along the way.

If Senate Bill 1 were to be approved then the state of Missouri would have both online and retail sports betting available. All of the online wagering would be controlled by the casinos as they would have access to a pair of sports betting skins.

It has been hard to gather enough support to get sports betting passed in recent years in Missouri, but lawmakers such as Hoskins won’t stop trying. Missouri is losing money to other states as it is surrounded by states with the industry.

Texas Lawmakers Just Keep Trying

Texas could become the largest betting market in the United States, but it’s a state that has very strict laws when it comes to gambling. Before betting is legalized, the gambling law in the state is going to have to change.

Professional sports teams located in the state of Texas have been lobbying for the new industry, but there just hasn’t been enough support from lawmakers. Things could change in 2023 though as it’s clear that the state is losing money to other states.

It’s unlikely that Texas is going to legalize sports betting until casinos are able to launch in the state. This would mean that it could be several years before the first sportsbook is available, but getting a law passed would be a huge step.

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