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SuperDraft Becomes Official DFS Partner of Big3

SuperDraft Becomes Official DFS Partner of Big3: The BIG3 recently announced some positive news in the betting market. They have joined forces with Caesars Entertainment, which produces the SuperDraft experience for sports betting customers.

This is the same daily fantasy partner that Caesars uses. SuperDraft will now become the sponsor for presenting the draft, and the event is named the 2021 BIG3 SuperDraft.

The season starts July 10, 2021, with their first event at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, NV. This will feature ten weeks of action for the brand.

New Deal for BIG3

The new partnership allows BIG3 to provide daily fantasy events in all of their games that will feature the SuperDraft’s fan favorite Multiplier Mode. In addition, fans can also find the free betting within their free downloadable application.

They have stated that the daily fantasy sports will feature a strategy segment that will be incorporated within every game broadcasted. Then, the Multiplier Mode will also show up for every player and their stat line.

Additional Features of SuperDraft

SuperDraft will showcase their Fantasy 101, which is a series of educational content within the broadcasting segments to provide fans with a better experience. They also will have in-arena activations to promote further fan engagement.

Fans that are attending in-person to the games will have the opportunity to have a slightly different experience, with increased options to win even more. These have not been fully announced just yet, but they plan on making the experience great for fans attending the games.

You will also see BIG3 players and coaches representing the SuperDraft brand. This is because they are now brand ambassadors, and you can most likely see them on digital platforms.

BIG3 Excited for the Change

Fantasy sports has been a goal for the BIG3 company for quite some time. The league is fast-paced with a need to please fans, so this was a great fit for them.

SuperDraft brings forth a great edge to the daily fantasy sports sector, which is another reason why the BIG3 wanted them. The content alone could have won them over, but it was the extras that sold them.

SuperDraft has a wide variety of gaming and classical technology that help separate themselves from their competitors. They are arguably one of the most positive and rising companies out there.

Fans Engagement Could Provide Spark

The BIG3 had been wanting to create a way for fans to be more active with their content. Even though it is more than just a three on three basketball game, they still wanted to have fans be more involved.

The fans will now have the freedom to place joust about any bet they want under the daily fantasy space. This unique opportunity is what is going to help separate both the BIG3 and SuperDraft from their competitors.

In addition, the integration of the broadcast with live fan experiences could be a new face to the daily fantasy sports sector. Look for them to make waves this summer.

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