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Betting in California Takes the First Step

It’s not every day when the betting world is joined together but the three biggest sports betting operators: BetMGM, DraftKings, and Fanduel, are all working together to try to get the November 2022 ballot in California in an attempt to legalize sports betting California. What these betting operators want is to create an open, competitive marketplace and that is always a great thing to see. 

The United States of America seems to be changing its stance on sports betting, especially after the Supreme Court deemed it legal, and that means a lot of money in circulation. People love to feel like they understand what is happening on their television sets in any sport and do not realize that most people do not make money. This idea between the operators is that it would be legalized just on mobile and internet wagering only.

Betting in California | What’s the Holdup?

This is a huge deal as California tribes can continue to be the only brick-and-mortar place to go and wager money on sports betting in California. That should mean something to the natives as FanDuel and DraftKings have mobile apps and try not to be the traditional casino with a sportsbook there. If they become legalized in the state of California, it will open a huge market share as they try to legalize it at the state level where there are 40 million people populating the area.

This would be huge as if you look at the state of New Jersey, they seem to be greatly benefiting from the legalization of sports betting. That could be added from New Yorkers crossing over to place wagers. However, think of the tax money that could happen with 40 million people placing wagers on collegiate, pro teams, and amateur athletics. 

Where Do I Sign?

When you look at the coming together between some of the best sports betting operators, it is incredible to believe. However, some other gambling giants are backing this as well as Bally’s Interactive, BetMGM, Fanatics Betting & Gaming, FanDuel, Penn National/Barstool Sportsbook, and Wynn Resorts Sports are all backing this push. However, it is going to be an uphill battle as they would need to collect a total of 997,139 signatures in order to be officially inserted on the ballot. 

I don’t think this is going to be all that difficult to collect as there are boatloads of people in the state that believe they can get rich on the back of sports betting. These sports giants, especially companies like Bally’s and Barstool, have a huge fanbase and that could make a lot of noise in the state of California. This is history in the making as getting 1 million signatures does not seem unrealistic, especially if they can figure out how to get some early on and have a snowball effect. The more states that legalize sports betting in the United States, the better the betting community will be as it continues to grow. 

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