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New Hampshire Sports Betting Numbers Dip

New Hampshire nearly went over the $100 million mark for total sports betting handle in October, but there was a decrease for November. Their sports betting handle fell by more than 15 percent in November, and the total came in at $83.1 million

While other states were setting new handle records throughout the country, the one less weekend of NFL action hurt New Hampshire. The $83.1 million is still significantly more than the handle for September, and things are trending in a positive direction

An even better gauge of how well New Hampshire is doing with sports betting is taking a look at the year-over-year comparisons. New Hampshire saw an increase of more than 70 percent from November 2020, when that total handle was just $38.8 million

There are three retail sportsbooks located throughout New Hampshire, but just one online sports betting option remains. DraftKings is the only operator approved to offer sports betting, and it has agreed to pay the state a 51 percent tax on the revenue. 

The gross gaming revenue for November actually increased by 14 percent, and the total was $6.1 million. The state then brought in over $2.92 million after getting the cut from DraftKings

Sportsbooks throughout the country noted that the NFL action in November was profitable, and that was the case in this state as well. New Hampshire will never be one of the leaders in the U.S., but it has put up some impressive numbers in 2021. 

There has been a push from some lawmakers to explore additional online sportsbook operators, and that will be a topic discussed in 2021. 

Patriots Help Out Sportsbooks

Even though New Hampshire doesn’t have any professional sports teams of its own, it is still in a part of the country with plenty of popular franchises. Most football fans in New Hampshire follow the New England Patriots, and that team drove sports betting in November. 

The Patriots have emerged as a Super Bowl contender on the strength of rookie quarterback Mac Jones. New England, and the rest of the NFL, should help push the sports betting numbers up again in December and January. 

Mac Jones and the New England Patriots’ success contributed to New Hampshire’s sports betting numbers.

More Competition Coming

One potential problem for New Hampshire is that more competition is coming and coming soon. New York is expected to offer online sports betting early on in 2022, and that could potentially hurt the market in this state, even though they are not border states. 

The one positive for New Hampshire is that Massachusetts still doesn’t have legal sports betting, but it is being discussed. If Massachusetts were to legalize sports betting, that would hurt both online and retail numbers in New Hampshire. 

The New England portion of the country has seen significant growth in sports betting over the last 12 months

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