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France vs Switzerland Prediction

France vs Switzerland face off in the Round of 16 on Monday, June 28 at 3:00 pm EST. France comes out of Group F in first place with five points and +1 goal differential. Switzerland, on the other hand, squeaked into the Round of 16 finishing third in their group with four points behind Italy and Wales. The winner will play the winner of Spain and Slovakia. France’s last two games in this tournament have been draws, while Switzerland is fresh off their first win of the tournament against Turkey. French fans have been expecting more out of this French squad, and now would be a great time to show the fans what they have been missing.

France’s Ways to Win

Mbappe. Mbappe. Mbappe. Arguably one of the best players in the tournament, he has still yet to score. Benzema has taken a lot of the central role, but against a Switzerland team that is a bit weak up the center of the field, both Mbappe and Benzema need to get central. This is their game to win as not only is this a fairly weak Switzerland team, but it is one that has not been in the greatest of form. 

France should play as high up the field at all times and look to counter Switzerland’s counters. Switzerland will sit in and look for breaks up the field, which is exactly when France needs to find Mbappe in behind where he can show off how athletic and skillful he is on the counter. French defense will have no problem handling the Swiss where Embolo, Xhaka, and Shaqiri are just about the only threats on offense. With that said, Switzerland has shown that they have the ability to shoot from range, so France needs to respect that and step high when Switzerland don’t have many numbers in the attacking third. Shaqiri has no problem hitting from 20-30 feet out.

Switzerland’s Ways to Win

This is a tough one for Switzerland. I can’t imagine there is a single person expecting Switzerland to come out of this with a result. It’s possible, though. They need to stay compact and deep on defense as Benzema, Mbappe, and Griezmann can cause a lot of trouble if given enough space in the attacking third. 

Switzerland has shown that they can be a real danger on set pieces, and if they want to score a goal against this stalwart French defense, it is going to have to come from a set piece. If they can put on a decent attack on the counter, win a set piece, and execute well, they can put together a winning performance against France.

France vs Switzerland Prediction

Despite France’s recent form and their inability to incorporate Mbappe into the game this tournament, Switzerland should be a pretty easy win. Mbappe will finally get on the score sheet and Benzema will continue to show that he is one of the best strikers in the world even at the international level. One goal a piece for the two of them, while Switzerland gets inches close to a goal of their own off some set pieces, but it never crosses the line. 

Prediction: France 2 Switzerland 0

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