England vs Germany Prediction

England vs Germany Prediction

England vs Germany is one of the biggest rivalries in international soccer. England has had a pretty disappointing campaign so far despite finishing first in their group with seven points, beating both Croatia and the Czech Republic. Even with their vicious attack that stretches well into their reserves, they have only scored two goals in the entire tournament. Germany survived the group of death in second place with four points, winning an impressive game against Portugal where they put four goals past Rui Patricio.

England’s Ways to Win

It feels like beating a dead horse to say Harry Kane needs to perform. But he does. The England attack has been really weak and people are pointing fingers everywhere. Maybe Sancho needs to find his way into the starting lineup to provide a spark, but it starts in the midfield. 

England needs to attack as an entire team. Right now, they feel very disconnected. They play the game in thirds rather than a full field. Defenders need to step into midfield to provide overloads. Midfielders need to carry the ball into attack and provide numbers up. The midfield sits back and plays deep, which forces the offense into one-dimensional attacks. The ball gets shoved into wide areas and then England is stuck. They need to carry the ball into the attack. If that means Harry Kane drops a bit deeper and Jack Grealish or whoever is in that attacking midfield position fills the space, then so be it. But they need to get the ball centrally.

Germany’s Ways to Win

This came can be won mentally by Germany. They know that England are worried about their own performance and are not coming into this game with much confidence. Germany has put up decent performances against some really fantastic teams in the group of death. They are ready for this one. They have to come out with intensity. They need to set the tone within the first fifteen minutes.

Germany needs to set up with Kimmich and Goretzka in the midfield. Whatever wonky system they set up in the back, all that needs to happen is they put some of their best players through the center of the pitch. This is Kimmich. Kimmich works best when he is in the middle, dictating the game, and being a dominant presence. With England’s very obvious difficulty in moving the ball through the middle, Germany has to shut that down immediately. Send England out wide. Let them get frustrated, realizing they have no way of penetrating, and England will fall apart.

England vs Germany Prediction

Germany wins on England’s poor form. They haven’t found a way into the back of the net, and I don’t think they will be able to here. Unless Jaden Sancho sees the field. If Sancho is on, I would be willing to bet England puts at least one away. Without someone like Sancho who is comfortable playing on the right side, England won’t be able to make anything happen. Germany have the experience and they have a creative enough attack to break down this poorly performing English side.

Prediction: Germany 2 England 0

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