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Dennis Schroder and his Instagram Slip

Los Angeles Lakers guard Dennis Schroder removed his affiliation with the team on his personal Instagram account. Given that the Lakers’ season was still alive at the time, as they were facing elimination in Game 6 of their first-round series on Thursday night against the Phoenix Suns, who now have the fourth best odds at +750 to win it all, that was very odd timing.

However, little has gone right for Schroder and the Lakers this season, as they completely underachieved given the fact that this team was supposed to be in prime position to defend their title instead of losing in the first round.

The New York Knicks and Miami Heat will reportedly be in on Schroder this offseason, according to Evan Massey of NBA Analysis Network.

“I’ve been hearing a ton of (Dennis) Schroder to New York talks, but I’m not sold that will end up happening,” a league executive said. “Miami is another team to keep a close eye on. They are going to want an upgrade in the back-court and Schroder seems like a perfect fit if the two sides can agree on price.”

Despite the down season for the Lakers, Schroder still had a very solid season, as he averaged 15.4 points and 5.8 assists per game.

The Heat could use an upgrade at the point guard position, as Goran Dragic is getting older and Kendrick Nunn is better served as a combo guard off the bench.

The Knicks could use a starting point guard as well, as it’ll probably be best served to have Immanuel Quickley come off the bench for the immediate future. Schroder would effectively replace Elfrid Payton as the Knicks’ starting point guard.

Regardless of Schroder’s offseason plans, it’s still a very bad look to delete your affiliation with the team in the middle of a postseason push.

Players don’t owe teams or owners anything, as they’re entitled to make the best move for their career when they feel it’s appropriate. However, your teammates are all out there trying to win games and compete for a championship.

Anthony Davis tried playing through a severe groin injury in Game 6. What message does it send him that you’re trying to create an unnecessary distraction by removing the Lakers from your Instagram bio? It just tells him that you don’t care, and that’s hurtful to a guy you share a locker room with for an entire season.

It would’ve been perfectly fine if he did that after the Lakers’ loss to the Suns. At that point, you’re basically a free agent.

Player empowerment is a great thing. It gives owners less power to dictate the future of their star players.

We’ve seen Blake Griffin re-sign a massive deal with the Los Angeles Clippers only to get shipped off to the Detroit Pistons in the middle of the first year of his contract. That’s why it’s important for players to seek out organizations that have their best interest in mind from day one.

Schroder wants to be in a situation where he can be the primary playmaker in a big market. Will he get his wish and live up to expectations? Time will tell. 

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