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Nets vs Bucks Game 6 Preview and Game 5 Breakdown

Kevin Durant is the best player in basketball at this moment. Durant scored 49 points and had a triple-double for the Brooklyn Nets in this pivotal game 5.

With no Kyrie Irving and James Harden coming back from a hamstring injury, Kevin Durant knew he needed to play like the best player in the league if the Brooklyn Nets wanted to win game 5 and that is exactly what he did.

Durant played all 48 minutes of the game scoring 49 points, 17 rebounds, and 10 assists.

The first half of the game was slow for the Nets and Durant. But in the second half, everything changed. Durant scored 31 of his 48 points, grabbed 8 of his rebounds and shared the ball much better than in the first half getting 8 assists.

Durant was for sure the player of the game, but the return of Jeff Green from injury has been very important for the Nets. Green made his first SEVEN threes of the game. Yes, seven three-point shots Jeff Green made all in a row. Green, a former teammate of Durant for the Seattle Supersonics showed how important of a player he will be off the bench.

The Nets gained their first lead of the game a few minutes into the 4th quarter and they kept playing great basketball after taking the lead, but the Bucks were for sure staying in the game. The most pivotal part of the game was with 18 seconds left Giannis Antetokounmpo mishandled a pass from Khris Middleton which would have been an easy dunk to tie the game.

Giannis did not have a bad game in the slightest though, the 2019 and 2020 MVP finished with 34 points on 14-for-22 shooting, 12 rebounds, four assists.

After the game, Giannis stated that “It’s tough, He’s the best player in the world right now, and we gotta beat him as a team, we gotta guard him as a team. We gotta make him make tough shots, like tonight. And we just gotta keep doing our job, and hopefully he’s going to miss.”

Nets vs Bucks Game 6 Predictions

The story for Game 6 will be who is healthy for the Brooklyn Nets. Even though that might not matter as much as we thought with how amazing Durant looked. If Harden can keep playing and return to his regular-season form that will be very important for the Nets. It’s the same thing with Kyrie Irving, the 3rd superstar of the team who suffered an ankle injury in game 4 and if healthy the Nets should be able to win this series.

Milwaukee Bucks have home advantage in Game 6 on Thursday. The Bucks have won both their home games against the Nets in the conference semifinals. FiveThirtyEight too predicts a win for the host, Milwaukee Bucks in Thursday’s match. As per them, the Bucks have 60% chances of beating the Brooklyn Nets on June 17 while the chances for Nets beating Bucks stand at 40%.

Expect this game to be very tight and if the Nets are hot from 3 they should win this game.


Nets: 100

Bucks: 97

I think this game will be very similar to Game 5 with the Nets starting off slow and the Bucks starting off hot. The 3 point game will bring the Nets back into the game and Kevin Durant will close the game out in the 4th quarter and the Nets will be ready for the Eastern Conference Finals.

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