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The Cavs Call Ricky For Magic

With Cavs not having a big-ticket superstar since maybe the best player ever LeBron James, this city has been through lots of hardship and mourning. With multiple recurring divorces between LeBron and the Cavaliers organization, this team has desperately needed somebody to hang their heads on. LeBron has an effect of once he decides to opt out and leave, it absolutely kills teams. With them being unable to even make the playoffs since his departure, Cavs president Koby Altman had a big decision to make.

With him reaching out and receiving advice from former player Ricky Rubio, he said they needed a big-time scorer, to go get Donovan Mitchell. With Donovan not winning or having as prestigious of a resume as players like LeBron, Altman was hesitant. Donovan had obviously revamped his former team in the Utah Jazz’s organization putting them on the basketball map as a contender in the West. With Rubio’s suggestion and that recent point I added, that was enough for Altman to pull the trigger. Mitchell was now a Cleveland Cavalier going into this season.

Surging Leader

Well, it’s certainly paid off. The stud is averaging 32.2 points, 4.5 rebounds, 7.3 assists, and 1.7 steals while shooting 45.5 percent from three, leading the Cavs to an amazing 5-1 start. With the Cavaliers trying their best to make Mitchell feel at home with point guard Darius Garland, it allows the offense to thrive, allowing Garland to do his pass-first preferred style of play and let stars like Michell and Mobley go to work. With the Cavaliers currently looking like assured playoff leaders, not just contenders, it turned out to be a great move for Cavs in their goal to become contenders once again and for Mitchell for the advancement in his career.

With Cavs’ next opponent in Boston, previously beating them in their last matchup, I like Boston to, unfortunately, tie the series tonight with them, but the Cavs’ spread is still a valid possibility seeing the recent game between them. With the rest of the Cavaliers’ upcoming schedule, expect dominating wins against the Pistons, Lakers, Clippers, and Kings, and I think they even give Golden State a hard time. This team will win a lot more than it losses. Look for them a lot on the money line this season.

Paolo Banchero

I couldn’t resist not talking about Paolo’s name. This rookie is sensational! The Magic finally got a spark in their very mediocre organization in Banchero. He’s averaging in the top 30 players in the league with 22 points a game and is in second place for fastest pace to over 150 points and over 50 rebounds in the shortest amount of games which for him is 7. While his team is still 1-7, the worst in the league, this creates a sight of hope for the team, and someone for Orlando to build around for the future. In a couple of years, I think we’ll witness Paolo take the Magic to the playoffs once again. They’ll get a glimpse of the Dwight Howard days soon. Be patient.

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