How Kawhi and CP3 News Shake Things Up

How Kawhi and CP3 News Shake Things Up

Waking up to see the breaking news on Wednesday June 16th was not easy for any NBA fan around the world. It’s frightening how so much can change overnight – Kawhi and CP3 news have shaken the NBA to its core!

Those with their ESPN notifications turned on first learned the Clippers will be without star forward Kawhi Leonard for game 5, and possibly the remainder of the series. This devastating news was followed by the announcement that Suns point guard Chris Paul has entered the league’s health and safety protocols and could potentially be sidelined for an extended period of time.

Clippers Irrelevant Without Kawhi

The Clippers announced Wednesday that their team will be without Leanord for game 5 and hopefully that’s it. Kawhi tweaked his knee in the Clippers’ game 4 victory and finished the game on the bench. After the game when questioned about his knee, Leonard was quick in responding, “I’m good. Next question.”

If Kawhi is out for the remainder of the series, the Clippers mine as well back out now. Seriously, do they hold any shot of defeating the regular season’s first place Utah Jazz without Kawhi on the court?

With the series tied at two games apiece, the Clippers have Kawhi to thank for getting them to that point. In games 3 and 4, he was the reason for their blowout wins over the Jazz. With the support of Paul George, Kawhi dropped 34 points and followed it up with 31 points.

Not to mention the presence he brings on the defensive side of the court. Almost always collecting two steals per game with his claw-like hands, he has the ability to turn nothing into something.

Dependable on both ends of the floor, it will be tough for the Clippers going forward without their best player. As stated earlier, Kawhi and CP3 news will definitely change the outcome of the 2021 NBA playoffs!

Suns Depending on CP3

The NBA announced Wednesday that Chris Paul recently entered the league’s health and safety protocols, threatening his availability for the Western Conference Finals. This comes as even more of a shock as something like this is so unexpected from the Players Association leader.

Some people may even make the argument that Chris Paul is more valuable to the Suns lineup than Kawhi Leanord is for the Clippers. While at first you may hear this and be shocked, I’m here to tell you that it’s actually the reality.

The Suns are coming off a sweep in which they completely dominated the Denver Nuggets in each and every single game. A lot of the credit is owed to their future Hall-of-Fame point guard Chris Paul. In their series against the Nuggets, the 36-year-old averaged 25.5 points per game on 61.8% shooting, 58.3% from beyond the arc, 100% on free throws, and a 41-5 assist-turnover ratio.

Are you kidding me?! Those are numbers being put up by an injured, yet relentless Chris Paul. It’s no secret the Suns wouldn’t be where they are today without the key signing of CP3 in their most recent offseason.

Losing a valuable asset like Paul is absolutely detrimental to the Suns and any hopes they had of winning this season’s championship. Of course, they would greatly miss his presence on the court, but maybe even more so his presence in the locker room. The experience Paul brings along with him can’t be bought and can’t be matched.

He is truly a one-of-a-kind type player in the NBA. He may not have the handles of Kyrie or the shot like Curry, but he’s got the heart of a lion. The Suns need CP3 in their lineup. It’s not something they want, rather it’s something they need in order to win.

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