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Sports Betting: 3 Reasons It’s Better To Watch Your Bets From the Couch Than in Person

As I sat on my couch, having elected to sell my final Panthers regular season game tickets, I pondered whether it was a better experience to watch the sports game from my couch or in person. I came up with a few different reasons why I think it is better to watch sporting events from the comfort of your own home.


I sometimes feel like I can be caught up at sporting events that happen to blow out. Staying at home offers viewers a greater variability of sporting events to watch.

I much prefer going to tennis and golf tournaments on the first two days due to there being twice as much action to choose from and watch. Other sports, however, do not offer this option. If a bettor stays on their couch, they have the ability to watch any sporting event at any moment.

I, for one, like to watch closely contested sporting events, especially when I have a wager placed. If a bet of mine is caught in the midst of a blowout, however, I will certainly be changing the channel to an event with more drama.

One of my favorite ways to watch sports is with ESPN+ on Apple TV. Apple TV gives viewers the option to make up a quadbox of sports events within the ESPN sports app, as well as offering a “picture-in-picture” option.

Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks can be very expensive at stadiums and sporting venues. Fans will more than likely save money from excessively priced concessions by staying in. Drinks can be the most taxing, coming in at over $10 a beer at most venues.

Food and drinks can add up very quickly, and the venues if fans aren’t careful. Fans are also more likely to have better food options in the comfort of their own home than a stadium.

Travel Time

Going to a sporting event also comes with transportation issues. There is typically a lot of human traffic getting out of the stadium, and once in your car, it can take quite a minute to find your way out of the lot, with everyone trying to leave at the same time.

Dealing with the consequences of traffic inside and outside the stadium is just another reason why it’s more comfortable to watch sporting events from the comfort of your own home.

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