Here's Why You Need to Fade Tom Brady and the Bucs

Here’s Why You Need to Fade Tom Brady and the Bucs

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the New Orleans Saints 20-10 on Sunday to improve to 2-0. Tampa Bay has scored 39 points and allowed just 13. Looking at those numbers, it’s reasonable to suggest the Bucs – with Tom Brady at quarterback – should be Super Bowl favorites. Only two other teams in the NFC – the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants – are 2-0.

Yet, all doesn’t appear well in Tampa Bay, even if the sportsbooks are still listing the team as having the second or third-shortest odds to win the Super Bowl. Some have them at +700 behind only the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills.

Sunday’s victory over the Saints should have been a lot more positive. Yet, Tom Brady struggled for much of the game until Tampa Bay’s defense was finally able to secure the victory in the fourth quarter – and that likely wouldn’t have happened with anyone but Jameis Winston under center for the Saints.

Although it was a win for Tampa Bay, Sunday’s game signals time for bettors to fade the Bucs for Super Bowl bets.

Doubting Tom Brady is Finally Warranted

Tom Brady has been a model of consistency for more than two decades, and, quite frankly, it’s been frustrating trying to predict his downfall. This year, however, everything seems to be pointing to an unceremonious exit from the league. Had he stayed retired, he would have preserved his perfect legacy.

Now, we have Tom Brady dealing with alleged problems at home with Gisele. You can see this issue as mostly gossip, but Brady was recently given Wednesdays off from practice as a veteran rest day. This is unheard of for quarterbacks, especially someone as competitive and driven as Tom Brady. If it were solely his decision, he would be practicing every day.

So now, the story in Tampa Bay is about Brady’s off-the-field life and his relationship (not to mention his age) rather than how the team is performing. He looked more visibly frustrated than ever on Sunday when he spiked a tablet into the ground like a petulant child.

“It’s an emotional game,” Brady said in response to a question about his antics Sunday. “A little bit of execution helps all the way around. I thought the defense played well again, and the offensive line fought hard.

“Tough game all around,” Brady added. “That is a really good team, really well coached — a team we really struggle with. So, it feels good to win.”

Of course, it does. But the wins will come more difficult for the Buccaneers as the season – and schedule – gets more difficult. Beating the Cowboys and Saints to start the season isn’t much of an accomplishment.

Injuries and Chaos

The fight among players against the Saints could be considered an anomaly – those two division rivals hate each other. But there’s just been too much outside noise surrounding the Bucs this season. Brady, in New England, was used to running a tight ship alongside Bill Belichick, and it worked.

Now, he’s dealing with a beat-up receivers corps. Chris Godwin has been hurt for the first two weeks and may have some issues staying healthy this season. Julio Jones is showing his age. Mike Evans is reliable but got himself suspended for next week’s game against the Green Bay Packers.

Tampa Bay then plays the Chiefs, Falcons, Steelers, Panthers, and Ravens. You can make a case that the team is 5-2 after this stretch, but it’s not outlandish to expect a loss against the Falcons, Steelers, or Panthers.

The Buccaneers should make the playoffs by virtue of being in a weak division, but don’t think about taking them at +700 to win the Super Bowl.

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