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How To Make Money On Sports Betting

Sports Betting is a great way to make money online. If you are looking for an easy and fun way of making some extra cash, then sports betting may be the perfect choice for you!

If you’re new to this type of gambling or if it’s been a while since your last wager, we have put together these tips on how to bet on sports to help get you started again.

Choose An Area You Like

Most sports betting gurus win on the sports they like most. This means that if you enjoy watching football matches, then you should probably choose those as your main sport.

However, there are many other options such as the NBA which has become very popular over recent years. You could even try baseball betting.

There really isn’t anything stopping you from choosing whatever game appeals to you. It’s just important that you know exactly why you’re doing it before placing your next bet.

Decide On Who You Think Will Win

This one might seem obvious but it bears repeating. Before you decide whether you’ll back a certain team or player, consider their current form, team stats, and previous encounters.

For example, during the NBA, Chicago Bulls might be the favorites but due to injuries, they haven’t played well recently. On the other hand, the Golden State Warriors have had a good run lately and look set to continue.

So, by using our knowledge about teams’ strengths and weaknesses, we can determine who looks likely to come out victorious.

Understand The Maths

If you are betting through a sportsbook by visiting your favorite casino, it is important to understand what – and + signs before a number means. This is mandatory for beginners. The – sign is your favorite team.

For example, if you have Bulls-3 and Lakers +3, then determining the winner requires you to subtract three from the score prior to comparing it to the opponent’s score.

Alternatively, a team with a + sign is the dog. Simply add three to the final score of the team to determine which one wins.

Pick Your Stake Size

The amount you risk per bet varies depending on the bookmaker you use. Some offer fixed stakes whereas others allow you to select between different levels of risk.

Generally, the higher the level of risk, the lower the payout percentage. As mentioned earlier, it pays to stick to low-risk games because you stand less chance of losing all your hard-earned cash. Nway, betting is gambling, and expect anything!

Place Your Bets

Once you have the stake, place your bets and then click on ‘Bet’ to see how much money is left. If you win, it will be added to your balance.

You can bet as many times as you want until all of your cash has been used up or if you are playing for free, when you run out of funds.

You may also use a credit card to make deposits into your account. The minimum deposit amount that we accept through our website is £10.00 but please note this does not include any other fees charged by your bank such as transaction charges etc.

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