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Should the Pacers Trade for Ben Simmons?

The Indian Pacers and Philadelphia 76ers have begun to engage in talks for a trade centered around Ben Simmons and Caris LeVert. This comes after Simmons informed the Sixers that he will not show up until he is moved from the team. Throughout the entire offseason, we expected a Simmons trade.

However, it never came to fruition. Now the season is almost ready to start, but Simmons is still on the Sixers, despite the two parties not wanting to work together any longer. This is where the Pacers come in.

The Pacers tried to trade Malcolm Brogdon to the Sixers for Simmons earlier in the offseason, but were shut down by them. Talks have resumed this time with LeVert as the main piece going to the Sixers. But should the Pacers try to do this?

Yes, Go for it

The Pacers’ win total for this upcoming season is slated at 42.5. The over for this number is at -110. A Simmons trade can help them reach that over.

Granted, Simmons has had a tumultuous year, but his resume is still outstanding. He is a multiple time All-Star with All-NBA and All-Defense nods. In fact, he was close to winning the Defensive Player of the Year award this past offseason.

His potential is still higher than anyone on the Pacers. Their best player, Domantas Sabonis, is a finished product that will most likely never be the best player on a title team. Simmons still has that potential that teams would love to think they can tap into.

The Pacers have nothing to lose with a trade like this. They can help Simmons fulfil the potential that most NBA people see, or they have a good team in the inferior conference.

No, Stand Firm

Most of the teams in the Simmons sweepstakes need him desperately. They have very little playoff hopes and want to try something new to give the franchise a spark. The Minnesota Timberwolves, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Sacramento Kings fit that description.

The Pacers are not on that side of the spectrum. Their current odds for making the playoffs is at -150. The playoffs are in sight for them.

The roster should be in full strength soon. Rick Carlisle is a well-respected head coach in this league. Sabonis, Brogdon, and LeVert are a solid trio to play winning basketball.

Simmons does bring something special, but who knows where his mind is at after this offseason. Furthermore, Simmons clearly wants to be in Los Angeles as well. Indiana is definitely not the same as LA.

That can become a problem fast with a player that isn’t afraid of losing money for not showing up to his current employer. The Pacers do not need that headache right now, while they are poised for a playoff berth.

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