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How to Cash Out from BetNow.eu

Sports betting can be enjoyable. Reading the odds, studying the numbers, researching the players, and following the teams/clubs is already a huge part of being a sports fan. Putting money on it is just another way to ramp up the tension.

What is Cashing Out or Withdrawal?

While punters should always be prepared for a loss, the ultimate goal of betting is to win. Certainly, nothing feels better than visiting your favorite bookie, placing a wager on a bet you feel good about, and finally getting that money and cashing out.

A relatively popular sportsbook that has been gaining a lot more attention recently is BetNow.eu. The website covers a variety of sports, including football, basketball, and even combat sports. If you are interested in the overall site, this Betnow.eu review explains it in great detail. However, in this article, we are discussing the cash-out methods exclusively.

Depositing at BetNow.eu?

To cash out, you first need to fund your account. To do this, you must visit the website’s front page, create your account, and click on the button marked “Deposits.” You can find this button at the top of the homepage, on the black banner to the right.

The page will then direct you to the different deposit methods. Select the method and deposit on odds in a sport you’ve been interested in. If you happen to win, it is time to make a withdrawal. Remember, deposit methods and withdrawal methods don’t always correlate.

Cashing out at BetNow.eu

Once you’ve won a bet, it is time to withdraw. Cashing out at BetNow.eu could not be simpler. You must go to your account and click the “Cash Out.” Then, simply select the method you wish to withdraw with.

Once you’ve done this, it is time to choose the amount of cash you wish to withdraw. Do so, and click the “cash out” button. Once that is done and the appropriate processing time has passed, you should have the cash in your account. But how much time should you expect to wait when withdrawing from Betnow in 2023? Let’s find out.

How Much Time Does It Take to Cash Out from BetNow.eu?

It is difficult to give a clear answer to this question. The truth is that cash-out time often depends on the method of transaction. The rule applies to BetNow.eu and all online sportsbooks in general.

If we look at the average time it takes to withdraw, that is usually 48 hours. Depending on your choice of cash out, it may take less than that. However, it is also worth noting that it may take more. That is why addressing bettors’ different options is important when wagering.

The Different Cash Out Options at BetNow.eu

We already reviewed that the deposit methods don’t necessarily correlate to the cash-out methods. But, in that case, what are the withdrawal options for BetNow.eu users? Well, the good news is that they are plentiful. Below is a list of the bookie’s cash-out choices and processing time.

MethodProcessing Time
Bitcoin48 hrs
Bitcoin Cash48 hrs
CheckUp to 15 days
Bank TransferUp to 15 days
MoneyGram48 hours
Direct Deposit24 hours

As you can see, the fastest withdrawal method is doing a direct deposit. Direct deposits are usually made within 24 hours, which is the best choice for anyone wanting a quick payout.

Checks and bank transfers, while safe and reliable, can take up to two weeks, if not more, to process. If safety is a primary concern, then these are great options. However, if you’d put greater emphasis on speed, then best avoid wire transfers or checks. Finally, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are excellent options.

Though they do take longer than direct deposits, they also offer the benefit of anonymity. However, they do come with their disadvantages. For one, though greatly exaggerated, cryptocurrency does have a volatility issue. That is something that all crypto gamblers have to deal with. It is certainly something to remember if you will be using Bitcoin primarily to bet.


Is BetNow.eu reliable?

BetNow.eu is a safe website that has been getting a lot of praise in online sports betting circles. We recommend checking it out for yourself and finding out your thoughts.

Is BetNow.eu licensed?

BetNow.eu does, indeed, have a license. They are licensed by Curacao, one of the most reputable licenses in online gambling today.

Are there multiple deposit options at BetNow.eu?

Yes, there are. The most popular, of course, is credit cards. However, you can use Bitcoin, digital wallets, and direct wire transfers to make deposits.

Do I have to pay fees to cash out from BetNow.eu?

Sadly, yes. Bitcoin deposits require no fees at all. However, if you are cashing out with checks or direct deposits, you must pay a fee, which may change depending on the sum you are withdrawing.

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