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Unibet Gets Creative with New BetShare Social Media Tool

Have you ever wanted to share your winning wager to social media with more than a screenshot of your slip? This is now possible thanks to Unibet Sportsbook and its new social media tool, BetShare.

Kindred Group, which owns and operates Unibet, announced a new feature for the sportsbook called BetShare. BetShare is a tool that allows users to adjust their betting slip and share it on social media to show off their wins. This is an excellent concept because it’s done regularly by bettors in an informal manner.

Kindred’s Head of Sportsbook Business Development, Johannes Nijboer, stated his excitement for BetShare after the announcement.

“This is truly an innovative and exciting tool. We are rolling it out continuously, and the acknowledgment so far has been fantastic. However, the product development journey does not stop here. We are incredibly excited to continue the development process with our players and to ultimately craft a tool that sets Unibet apart.”

Details of BetShare

Social media and betting are starting to become connected in multiple ways. DraftKings was the latest provider to make noise in this space by launching an integrated social community into the sportsbook.

BetShare is revolutionary because it integrates sportsbooks with mainstream social media. The project’s goal was to create a sense of community for Unibet users because the feature is exclusive to the platform. It’s unlikely that this feature by itself will cause bettors to switch to Unibet Sportsbook, but this does not mean BetShare has revolutionized sports wagering.

The rollout for BetShare is available in the majority of Unibet markets throughout the world. There are some technicalities with the software, but the company has plans in place to improve stability. Kindred Group launched the feature ahead of EURO 2020 because of the number of bets expected during the event.

BetShare allows gamblers to customize their betting slips in a variety of ways. For example, users can alter backgrounds, add colors and text as well as emojis through BetShare. This is like what users can do on Instagram stories.

Excitement from Kindred Group

Kindred Group took something that bettors are doing consistently and integrated it into Unibet. Social media and sports betting are becoming more connected, so expect other sportsbooks to continue to innovate in this space.

Kindred Group Chief Product Officer Erik Backlund said,

“Unibet is the first major sports betting brand to bring a sharing tool of this kind to market. The advantage of our players becoming content creators has become a fascinating topic of discussion at Kindred. Our players are increasingly looking to share experiences and bets in our ever-expanding digital landscape, and we are glad to be able to offer them this tool right ahead of the Euros.”

Kindred Group has done its best to provide a unique wagering experience through Unibet. This bet slip feature is another quality that separates the sportsbook from competitors.

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