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How to Bet on the Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors have been solid this year. Disappointing at first, and now almost surprisingly successful. Fred VanVleet is an All-Star, and Pascal Siakam is putting up 20+ a night. OG Anunoby and Gary Trent Jr. have taken another step up, and rookie Scottie Barnes is contributing on both ends. 

Toronto Raptors’ guard Fred VanVleet became just the fifth player in NBA history to make an All-Star game after going undrafted.

The Raptors are a fun team to bet on because they’re a fun team to watch. Looking at trends, one can get better at wagering on one of the NBA’s more unpredictable teams.


Toronto ATS

Toronto is almost at a 60 percent success rate when it comes to covering their spread. That number increases to nearly 70 percent when they are favorites

But, beware when they are heavy favorites. When they have been favored by five or more points, they have only covered a couple of times, and their success rate is very low. So, when the Raptors are favored by a small margin, take them to cover. 

If they are not favored, don’t bet on them, they are incredibly inconsistent. Save your money for those loveable ten-team parlays everyone loves to throw half a unit size on.


Streaky Trends

The Raps started the year terrible at covering at home, but as the season is progressing, they’ve gotten much better covering at home. 

They are also very streaky. 

If they cover for two games in a row, they likely cover a third, and vice versa if they don’t cover for two games in a row. Always bet on that third straight cover or did not cover

The same streakiness tends to follow for the game total over/under. In fact, it’s even more streaky. That third straight over or under is even more likely to occur. 

Toronto games also go over slightly more often than they go under, which should be considered.


Game Totals and Back-To-Backs

So far, to summarize, the best bets on the Raptors are when they are small favorites (-0.5-4.5 points) and when they are on a streak of two games covering or not covering, especially for covering at home. 

If you see a game total over/under set at 220 or higher, act quick and take the over. It almost always goes over for the Raptors with large game totals. Also, if the game total is ever under 210, don’t bet it; it’s pretty much a toss-up with them.

On back-to-back games, the games tend to go under the game total, and they usually cover the spread.


ML Bets

Now when it comes to betting on the Moneyline, the Raptors are easy to pick apart. They usually win as home favorites and as the favorite in general, which both make sense. 

Both are around 70 percent accurate. The Raptors are a toss-up when they play the Western Conference, so preferably bet on them vs. the East.


More Obscure Trends

Bet on them to cover the spread against their division opponents and after a loss. When they have a rest advantage, meaning they have more days off since their last game than their opponent, the game goes over about 70 percent of the time. 

They usually also go over after a win, as the home team, against the West, and when they have two-three days rest. The game is likely to go under when they have a rest disadvantage.

Hopefully, these statistics made betting the Raptors easier and more enjoyable. 

Happy winning!

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