St. Croix Chippewa to Become Second Sports Betting Operator in Wisconsin

St. Croix Chippewa to Become Second Sports Betting Operator in Wisconsin

The unstoppable efforts to have sports betting ratified throughout different states in the nation continue, and all eyes are now on the state of Wisconsin and the St. Croix Chippewa tribe

The tribe is now pushing for the approval of an amendment that will allow for the tribe to offer sports betting as part of their gambling and gaming repertoire

On November 30, the tribe ratified and submitted their proposal for state authorities to revise and approve. This last Monday, Democratic Governor Tony Evers confirmed that his administration had revised all terms and had agreed on modifying the tribe compact to have the Chippewa offer sports betting within tribal casinos or on any tribal land specified on the terms of the agreement. 

The Department of the Interior is the only party missing on the compact’s ratification. Its response is expected within 45 days. That’s the limit it has from receiving the compact to delivering its ruling. 


Wisconsin’s Prolonged Pro Sports Betting Facet

The ratification of Chippewa’s compact does not come as a surprise, at least not in the eyes of Wisconsin locals. The state had already approved a deal favoring the Oneida Nation to permit sports wagers at the tribe’s casinos. This was Wisconsin’s first sports betting approval back in July. 

To Wisconsin state officials, it’s clear that states need to reevaluate their intentions to ban sports gambling on their territory. To most officials, this new wave of sports wagering businesses will soon flood submission processes for states’ revision.

Multiple states, such as Wisconsin, have viewed the ratification of sports wagering as an opportunity to raise taxes off sports gambling revenues

This will allow most states to lead the way with additional funding for state infrastructure and social reforms. Also, most are weighing on the fact that more jobs will surely follow the new businesses opening. 


Croix Ready to Accept Sports Bettors

The St. Croix Chippewa tribe has already announced that they are enhancing some of their facilities to accommodate sports wagering. In this case, the tribe confirmed that they have been adapting part of their physical setup at their Turtle Lake Casino to feature sportsbook operations. 

The St. Croix Chippewa tribe is looking to add a sportsbook to their Turtle Lake Casino.

With other casinos located in Danbury and Hertel, the Chippewa tribe are beginning to lay out projections and make concrete moves to make the most out of their new legal business offer and expand it across their state locations. 

With more permits issued by state government officials, providers’ demand to participate in the business is also expected to increase

According to Potawatomi tribe representatives, the organization is preparing to pursue a similar modification of their compact with the state of Wisconsin. They look to embark on the newly accepted and quite profitable sports gambling trend. 

In addition, Potawatomi reps stated that they are interested in opening sportsbook operations in the city of Milwaukee

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