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Our Pick for Sports Betting Provider of 2021? Resorts! And We’ll Tell You Why

Selecting the right sportsbook is vitally important. Not just in terms of feeling comfortable and secure in relation to your dealings with the brand you sign-up with, but also in relation to making sure the provider you pick gives you the best odds and offers and promotions that more than match their competitors.

The U.S. market is growing at quite a pace, and new brands appear regularly, but in all honesty, a lot of those available offer elementary levels of service and rewards that make you feel you’re missing out.

One brand that is certainly catching the eye in the American sports betting community is Resorts. There is rarely a Resorts sportsbook review that doesn’t offer a new angle or aspect that further demonstrates the level of service that goes above and beyond just about the entire raft of pretenders to the crown.

Lengthy History In the Market

Resorts have been around for a long, long time; since the mid-70s, they’ve been a trusted name in the casino world, and in 2018 they moved into the sports betting space with something of a big splash.

When it comes to a great welcome bonus, Resorts has you covered. When you sign-up, you are automatically given ‘bonus funds’ that match the amount you wagered in your first bet, and that way, even if you lose your opening bet, you still end up a winner.

Great Interface

We are big fans of the way Resorts lays out their sportsbook, both on desktop and mobile, where navigating through their rich array of sports and events is incredibly easy and finding the bet you want is a walk in the park.

One big plus in the Resorts column is the fact that their mobile app offers the same range and scope as their desktop, and this is by no means always the case. This means betting on the go has never been easier.

Excellent Live Betting Experience

The whole sports betting market is making great strides when it comes to live betting, and Resorts offer an excellent service in this department. In-play betting is now hugely popular as it presents you with a nearly infinite source of betting enjoyment, making your picks and selections in real-time as the action is happening.

This is particularly engrossing when it comes to NBA action, where the fate of your chosen bet can be decided in a matter of seconds, and live betting makes any event so much more interesting.

The way in which Resorts handles live betting is very straightforward, and the whole integration of this service is purpose-built and is both fast and reliable, two key factors when it comes to making the most of live sports betting.

These are just three key reasons Resorts is a leading player in the sports betting market and in our view there aren’t many in the field who can outdo this trusted brand in terms of service, reliability and their approach to customer relations.

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