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DraftKings Pushing for Online Sports Betting in Florida

Florida online sports betting officially launched on November 1 as the Seminole Tribe launched the Hard Rock Sportsbook app. That app was shut down in less than a month after legal issues, and there hasn’t been a new option since.

DraftKings is trying to change that, but they are going to need massive support from Florida residents to do so. DraftKings is asking registered voters in the state of Florida to join a petition to get sports betting referendum on the ballot.

In order for this motion to be passed, DraftKings has to collect 891,589 signatures by February 1. Time is clearly running out, and DraftKings is now offering an exclusive promotion in order to get to the target.

If DraftKings cannot get enough signatures by February 1, then the earliest sports betting could launch would be 2024. Since DraftKings is clearly up against the clock, it has agreed to give each Florida resident $100 in site credit if the goal is reached.

Details of the Exclusive Offer

Not only is this offer going to help DraftKings potentially launch sports betting, but it’s going to help the DFS sites in the meantime. There are some restrictions that come with this offer, but the signature is really the most important thing to be included.

Users must be Florida residents to receive this offer, and they can’t redeem this offer unless they are currently in the state. An account must be created by 1/19, or else that user cannot take advantage of the offer.

The site credits will be paid out in DK Dollars, which cannot be redeemed for cash anytime. The maximum amount that DraftKings will payout is $1 million, which would be good enough for 10,000 users to take advantage of.

Those payments will start going out on February 1 as long as the total number of signatures exceeds the goal. The legal betting age in Florida is 18 years of age, and only those of legal betting age will be eligible for the promotion.

This will be a one-time offer, and DraftKings hopes it will deliver the push that is needed.

Seminoles Still Fighting for Online Sports Betting As Well

The Seminole Tribe is not going to go down without a fight either, and they are going to try to use the judicial process to get back in the state. If the Seminole Tribe can have their wish, then they will remain the only legal sports betting option in Florida.

There is a chance that both the Seminoles and DraftKings could both operate in Florida, but that could also turn into quite the battle. DraftKings is trying to rally voters for support, while the Seminole Tribe is simply doing what it needs to so that it can get up and running again.


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