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The United States imposed several restrictions for several months to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading. Casinos have gradually resumed operations, and they are witnessing a surge in the number of players. But, many gambling sites lack a dedicated workforce that can run them smoothly.

Most casinos in various states have an acute shortage of experienced staff. Here is the latest casino news about how casinos in Colorado, Nevada, and Massachusetts are struggling to hire new workers.


Las Vegas Casinos Are Short-Staffed

A report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Las Vegas has an unemployment rate of 9 percent, and it is the second-highest in the country. Surprisingly, many people flock to the city while on vacation, and they spend large sums of money. Yet, some of them cannot keep up with this lifestyle.

During this period, the city has few restaurant and hotel room reservation vacancies. Although the unemployment rate in Vegas is declining, some casinos in Nevada are struggling to find competent workers. You can find bookmakers online casino that has made more than two job adverts.

Geoconda Arguello-Kline, the Culinary Workers Union-Local 26 Secretary-Treasurer, stated that 98 percent of the union’s members were sacked at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, only 50 percent of them have returned to work.

There has been a staffing shortage in MGM Resorts International of late, according to a report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Yet, the establishment has held many job fairs in a bid to expand its workforce.

Randy Goldberg, the Vice President of Talent Acquisition Strategy at MGM Resorts, revealed that the hospitality company had 70,000 workers by the end of last year. Yet, only 42,000 employees are working now.

The official added that MGM Resorts International doesn’t want to open all restaurants and have full occupancy before it has filled all the vacant job posts. It is determined to continue offering guests high-quality hospitality services. Randy stated that most people didn’t expect MGM to resume most of its operations this soon.


Is Everything Alright on the East Coast?

All industries in each state in the country are experiencing an acute labor shortage. Northscott Grounsell, Plainridge Park Casino’s General Manager, stated that the Massachusetts-based casino has faced hiring challenges for a while despite posting various positions several times. Grounsell added that Plainridge Park has alerted all its former employees about the job opportunities.

MGM Springfield also has a labor shortage despite having a 125,000 square-foot floor space. Seth Stratton, general counsel and Vice President at MGM Springfield, disclosed in an interview with The Lowell Sun that the hotel and casino complex has started increasing its entertainment, food, and beverage workers. The official said that each of their bars and restaurants will hire more employees to serve the rising number of guests.


Colorado Casinos

Some casinos in Cripple Creek have many job vacancies. Scott Porter, Triple Crown Casinos’ director of corporate casino operations, stated that the establishment is facing a huge staff crisis. He informed The Gazette that they aren’t getting any job applications.

The Federal government’s unemployment benefits have greatly contributed to the countrywide labor shortage. It is slowly killing the gambling industry, as many workers aren’t interested in returning to work now.

Anyone who will apply for surveillance or cashier positions at Triple Crown will get a $1,050 sign-on bonus. Scott is dispirited, as the casino isn’t getting applications despite making such efforts.

Jackie Sunshine, Bronco Billy’s Casino’s director of human resources, stated that many employees aren’t willing to resume work soon. Some of them have unsettled $600 a week payments. Only 200 out of Bronco Billy’s 300 employees have returned, and this has prevented the establishment from opening all its restaurants.

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