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When Is Online Sports Betting Coming to Ohio?

Sports betting has become a hugely popular hobby, with fans all around the country making bets on their favorite sports. These days, with Internet, apps, and mobile sportsbooks, sports betting has become more accessible and simple than ever. However, betting in the U.S. is a little bit of a confusing issue, as each state (Ohio) has vastly different laws regarding the legality of sports betting.

In Ohio, it is even more confusing, as there are absolutely no laws in place currently to regulate sports betting. Sports fans who live in this state certainly participate in this hobby on online betting websites, but the absence of legislation regarding sports betting naturally causes confusion. However, that might change soon, to the long-winded anticipation of many sports fans.

According to Action Network, the Ohio Senate has recently proposed a couple of bills that would allow websites to apply for sportsbook licenses for the ability to offer their sports betting services throughout the entirety of the state.

Senator Niraj Antani, R-Miamisburg talked a little bit about two bills that the Ohio House and Senate are currently in the process of amending and eventually, hopefully passing.

“The bills, both of them, while having some differences, in general allow sports betting in three places,” said Antani, “First, is in an online mobile application on your phone, on the internet through a DraftKings, Fanduel or Barstool Sports. The second place is in a casino/racino or at a sports stadium; this is your traditional sports books. Think a bar with TVs and the different odds being displayed and you’re going to go up to a counter and place a bet. The third place is, and this is still being worked out, is on a lottery machine at a bar or restaurant.”

Ohio Senate

The Ohio Senate recently called for a committee of conference with House members to discuss a proposed sports betting bill. This seems like a great place to start creating legislation regarding sports betting in Ohio, especially since the sports betting community, and more specifically the online betting community, is growing.

Although the process may take an extended amount of time, it seems like Ohio sports betting laws are well on their way. The state has absolutely nothing to lose and a lot to gain from making these laws; the sports betting industry is a huge moneymaker that brings in millions of dollars annually. Because of the lack of betting laws in Ohio, a lot of bettors have been forced to turn their attention to close-by states instead.

Ohio sports betting laws are something that have been needed for a long time, especially since the online sports betting community is growing rapidly. As sportsbooks like DraftKings and Caesars, Fanduel are partnering with professional sports teams, sports gambling is getting more and more popular. There is no reason to not make sports betting legal in Ohio, as it will bring the state a lot of revenue and satisfy Ohio sports fans.

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