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Betting On NFL: Understand The 3 And 7 Magic Numbers

Betting on 3&7 is a clear win. Read through to see why!


The US hottest season is now here. It’s time to maximize winnings and minimize losses.
Often the NFL season has the highest bets every year. And the best part! 90% of these chances are available to US citizens.

It might look easy to predict the best outcomes following the previous NFL season’s results. However, that is taking the risk too high.

What’s the next thing to do?

Maximizing your chances of winning through the best tips

How Is This Done?

Initially, you need to familiarize yourself with the crucial numbers 3 & 7. In short, this translates to every field goal with three points and 7 key points following each touchdown. There is also an extra point kick amounting to 2 points.

Even though the 2 point conversion can change the outcomes, it is still rare as most results are three or seven.

This is because introducing the 33-yard kick from the previous 20 yard causes many players to miss attempts. Thus a margin of three points is inevitable.

How Are The 3 And 7 Differential Points Practical?

When betting, the point wagers play a critical role. You’ll need to practically look at the numbers on bettings lines.

A point spread of minus-2.5 is something I bank on for the dial. Now, once you bet on a favorite victorious team, a 3 point differential might guarantee you an obvious win.

Alternatively, using a plus-7½ point spread is certain compared to an individual getting 6.5 points. I believe having a higher spread point gives you the advantage of winning more. For instance, if your spread is +7½ and a wager $120, you are set to win over $100.

As such, banking on a +7½ bet has a higher probability of winnings, and thus you’ll be able to offset the extra cost.

How Does The Wong Teaser Improve Your 3&7 Probability Of Winning?

Stanford Wong authored the Sharp Sports Betting book. Wong came up with a strategy called Wong teaser. The strategy uses a 6 point teaser. Well, the method moves past the 3 and 7 numbers.

For instance, the underdogs getting 1½ and 2½ points are likely to get tossed to 7½ and 8½ points. A lot of other favorites tease the same value down to 1½ to 2½. Because the line movement between the points results in more wins, it provides excellent value for your wins.

The overall strategy applied by sharp bettors is the Wong Teaser is mathematical. With good calculations using the 6-point teaser, you are certain the bet cashes in!

Does the absence of numbers 3 and 7 in your best worry you? Once you are set to stake on the numbers, it is critical to analyze the previous statistics and find out the percentage of wins per stake.

Is 3 & 7 a 100% guarantee of winning? Probably you are trying to gamble for the best winnings. Honestly, you might win a good amount if the odds work as needed; however, the 3& 7 magic numbers appear frequently hence a good beginning point to win more bets as the NFL Week 4 begins.

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