Nevada Posts Huge December Sports Betting Total

Nevada Posts Huge December Sports Betting Total

The sports betting totals in December for Nevada are in, and it was another solid month for the sportsbooks in the state. The total sports betting handle was $1.01 billion, which is the third straight month that Nevada has hit that mark.

Despite another solid month, the total sports betting handle did fall 6.5 percent from the $1.1 billion that came in during the month of November. 

Despite a slight drop month-over-month, this total was still an increase of 72.5 percent from the $588.5 million that came in a year ago in 2020.

Mobile betting continued to make up the majority of the betting action in December, as the total was $765 million. The mobile sports betting handle dropped slightly from November but was more than 117 percent higher than what was recorded in December 2020.

The biggest drop for the state of Nevada came in terms of revenue, and it was a pretty significant month-to-month drop. Total sports betting revenue fell by nearly 78 percent, down to just $15.9 million for the month of December. 

This drop was significant, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Sportsbooks in Nevada and throughout the country, posted massive wins in November as favorable NFL results helped the oddsmakers. 

Sports betting plays a vital role in the gaming industry in Nevada, but it isn’t the only option that is available. The total gaming win in the state of Nevada was $1.2 billion as casinos continue to rack up the revenue. 


Still Can’t Catch New Jersey

Even though Nevada is now consistently going over the $1 billion mark for monthly sports betting handle, it still can’t catch New Jersey as the largest sports betting mark. New Jersey actually increased its lead in December as the difference was $215 million. 

New Jersey’s reign over Nevada could start to change in the coming months, and it could be the end for New Jersey overall. Online sports betting is now legal in New York, and that state could quickly become the largest market in the United States. 

The reports from all three states that come out in February should provide a decent projection of how things will move forward. 


Football Leading the Way

Football continues to be the most popular sport to wager on in Nevada, as the total amount of bets on that sport totaled more than $477 million for the month of December. There was nearly $560 million wagered on football during the month of November, but college football had more action taking place. 

Nevada residents wagered $477 million on football during the month of December.

Basketball was the next most popular sport to wager on for the month, as that total handle was $408.7 million. Football should still lead the way when the January total comes in, but basketball will dominate moving forward. 

Nevada sees betting on various events, including college sporting markets.

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