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The Best Wide Receiver Plays in NFL Week 10

While offenses and scoring have taken a small step back this season, the number of great wide receivers enjoying the current wideout renaissance is as large as ever. In 2021 there were three wide receivers to get more than 1,500 yards and 25 to get over 1,000 yards.

In 2022 there are five wide receivers on pace for 1,500 yards, and we still have 25 receivers on pace to break the 1,000-yard mark.

Yards are being lost by offenses in 2022, but they are not coming from the top wide receivers in the league.

JuJu Smith-Schuster vs. Jacksonville

The Jaguars aren’t overly bad at defending the pass this season, listed at 18th in the league on Cold, Hard Football Facts Defensive Real Quarterback Rating. But their 22nd ranking in Defensive Real Passing Yds/Attempt is a red flag.

The Jags do decently against tight ends, only giving up more than 50 yards to two tight ends this season. So in lue of Travis Kelce, the biggest chunk of passing yards for the Chiefs is most likely to come from JuJu Smith-Schuster.

JuJu has figured out his role in the Kansas City offense, and he’s now had three big games in a row, going for 22 catches for 325 yards over the three games. Look for big game No. 4 coming up on Sunday.

Davante Adams vs. Indianapolis

You don’t need NFL stats to tell you about the virtues of Davante Adams; we already know he’s one of the best wide receivers in football. But the Colts, who are in complete disarray this week with their coaching change, are ranked by Cold, Hard Football Facts at 27th in Defensive Real Quarterback Rating and 25th in Defensive Passer Rating.

Against suspect defenses, Adams has thrived, going for 124 yards against the Chiefs, 95 yards against the Texans, and 146 last week against the Jags.

Adams is great, the Colts pass defense is not, and he should have another big game.

Darnell Mooney vs. Detroit

The Bears leading NFL receiver, Darnell Mooney, is the one wide receiver on this list who is not currently on pace to break 1,000 yards. That may change after this week and his NFL matchup against a terrible Lions defense.

This season nine different wide receivers have gone over 80 yards against Detroit, and five of those have gone over 100 NFL yards. They’ve also allowed eight touchdowns to wide receivers this season.

Mooney had 94 yards against a good Giants defense and 70 yards against a great Cowboys defense. Now he gets a Lions defense that Cold, Hard Football Facts ranks 31st in Defensive Real Quarterback Rating and 30th in Defensive Real Passing Yds/Attempt.

NFL Quarterback Justin Fields is on a roll, and this week he and Mooney will team up for more than 100 yards through the air.

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