LeoVegas Coming to New Jersey Through Caesars

LeoVegas Coming to New Jersey Through Caesars

New Jersey is getting a little bit of Swedish to the gambling market. LeoVegas, the Swedish company, has recently set up a deal with Caesars Entertainment to offer online gambling to New Jersey in roughly the first half of 2022.

LeoVegas will be offering their Rhino platform to the area, with plans to further reach out to other states after this one gets set up. The market is continuing to grow, so this deal was a perfect time as ever.

Growth in New Jersey

New Jersey is a hot spot for all things gambling-related. Just this year alone, three engaging competitors have jumped into the market within the state.

These three were Enteractive, Mr. Gamble, and EveryMatrix. The New Jersey market definitely has room to share the money as $1 billion was generated in 2020. Because of the growth of the industry, expect more revenue to be generated next year.

The main proprietary platform, Rhino, is a great first impression to the market. If this succeeds here in a competitive but very lucrative market, it should thrive in other places as well.

In addition, the market can arguably grow even higher from here. 2020 alone was a unique year for gambling online, and this growth definitely has the potential to improve.

One of a Kind Offer

Gaming platform Rhino offers a great experience to users. Currently, it can allow 30 forms of payment and the potential for cloud software to expand these services.

However, state regulations might have to approve of some of these since they only allow for so many payment options. This could be a slow process, but that is not to the fault of Rhino.

Since they offer so many payment options, they could try to persuade regulators to push this process a little faster. They believe that they have an advantage since they are able to appeal to so many different types of players and their preferences on different payment methods.

Rhino Compared to the NJ Market

Caesars is a trusted brand within the gambling and sports betting market. As such, they will still have to compete with the likes of Borgata, Golden Nugget, and even Bally’s.

Once the casino is up and running with the available Rhino platform, you could potentially see some great first-time offers for users. However, this will be subject to the actual launch date and if they even offer something.

You would think that a new arrival would also mean great incentives for joining. After all, Hard Rock, BetMGM, and 888 Casino all usually offer attractive, welcoming offers to guests, so this will be subject to opening day.

LeoVegas has a great scenario unfolding before their eyes. They have an outstanding opportunity to make a great first impression and to set their sights on other hot betting markets.

LeoVegas should be able to branch out their options to play in New Jersey and maybe find a way to add their payment options. Regardless of the outcome, their mobile first platform could become a fan favorite for iGaming players in the area.


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