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BetMakers Makes Monster Offer to Acquire Tabcorp Wagering & Media

BetMakers is making headlines around the world. They have recently put forth a gigantic offer to acquire Tabcorp’s Wagering and Media business for the tune of (US) $3.09 billion.

The opportunity, if it follows through, would help invigorate the media side of the business. As the clock continues on, Tabcorp has some very important options to consider.

Details for the Transaction

Looking at what the proposal entails, Tabcorp would receive nearly a billion in cash. BetMakers would most likely fund this through some sort of debt financing in addition to a little over $3 billion in BetMakers shares.

This, in turn, would allow Tabcorp investors to own roughly 65 percent of the shares in BetMakers. This move was surprising to some since there were a few other offers from other companies such as Entain and Apollo that made similar cash offers.

Growth to be Had

Many of the management personnel have already claimed that there is business to grow with this exclusive partnership with BetMakers. There will be plenty of opportunities to have the Australian racing industry grow tremendously through a deal like this.

On the other side, Tabcorp Wagering and Media business looks to create better opportunities on a much larger scale globally. The value that appears to be created here seems priceless, but of course, this will take some time to see things work together and to reward shareholders in the process.

Positive Future

BetMakers has made several related statements regarding what the proposal allows them to do. By tapping into the value of the Wagering and Media business, they now have several advantages when looking at a cash sale.

This gives Tabcorp shareholders the flexibility and ability to choose what to do next. For investors, they appreciate the transparency here.

Other advantages include the use of Tabcorp Wagering and Media assets to allow further growth with the help of BetMakers’ technology. This will also be a dual threat, as one continues to grow, the other has a global network with content flowing money in constantly.

BetMakers has recently put forth a gigantic offer to acquire Tabcorp’s Wagering and Media business for the tune of (US) $3.09 billion.

Building on Success

If both parties do indeed combine, this new entity would be a very attractive investment opportunity. This is because one is regarded as a broadly deployed global racing network that is in a great position to seek out commercial opportunities globally.

In addition, the media aspects create a wave of impressive marketing and engaging content that brings in additional revenue. Together these make a positive powerhouse aimed at winning, especially within the US.

When the Deal Can Go Through

The timeline for accepting such an offer has not yet been stated. Since there are three companies total that are attempting to provide cash offers, Tabcorp definitely has some very important choices to make.

Furthermore, this deal announcement allows everyone to compare and contrast what they have to offer should Tabcorp decline all three. If this does happen, each one of the companies could entertain another attractive offer.


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