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BetSperts Acquisition of Fantasy Life App Positions Them for Growth

BetSperts has acquired the Fantasy Life App in an all-stock transaction which has made the sports betting world buzz. The acquisition has made BetSperts claim that they will become the world’s largest social media platform that’s solely dedicated to sports wagering and fantasy sports.

BetSperts and Fantasy Life Join Forces

BetSperts and Fantasy Life are two sites dedicated to different forms of gambling. BetSperts provides the latest news and picks from sports betting, while Fantasy Life is a go-to destination for DFS players.

The joint group will be renamed to BetSperts Media and Technology to encompass sports wagering and fantasy sports. The new company’s goal is to become a premier internet destination for sports fans and bettors to gather information on various leagues worldwide.

Site members will also be able to brag about their bets and learn about the latest news from the sports world that could affect betting and DFS play.

The company has a monumental vision, but they will need to acquire funds to turn the dreams into a reality. The next goal for BetSperts Media and Technology would be to shoot studio shows and engage viewers through video content.

Although, the current landscape will be primarily through digital articles and written updates. Video betting content is the latest trend in the industry, so the company has the correct vision for growth.

Comments from BetSperts Media and Technology

BetSperts CEO Reid Rooney has detailed his fundraising goals. The company is in the process of raising $8 million in Series A financing.

In a recent interview after the acquisition, Rooney stated,

“Building communities and connecting users with people that they want to listen to, follow or get advice from has been a huge goal of ours, and at this point, we’ve built two platforms that can do that, one specifically for fantasy and one especially for gambling. As we move forward together, crossing some of the gambling into fantasy, and fantasy into gambling, and using the technology and user base from both platforms is going to be a priority.”

How to Keep Bettors Wagering?

The main goal for Rooney and his company is to figure out how to keep bettors wagering. The BetSperts mentality is that people will continue to bet if they have a hub to connect with fellow gamblers.

Social media is critical for betting in today’s age. Yet, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have not moved in this direction for the moment.

BetSperts may have to compete with these communities in the future, but Reid welcomes the competition. Any interaction with sports betting content is good for the industry, according to the CEO.

“The more that gamblers engage with social content of any sort, that’s better for the industry and better for BetSperts.”

The platform was founded in 2008 by Rooney and Austin Harper. Many big names in the sports industry have a piece of the company like Matt Berry (ESPN), Kyle Busch (NASCAR Driver), Jesse Itzler (Atlanta Hawks Partial Owner), Adam Wainwright, Evan Longoria, and David Price (MLB Players).

During the 2020 NFL season, BetSperts and Fantasy Life combined for 10 million monthly views. This has given people high expectations for the platform in 2021.

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