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Weekend Carryovers for May 28, 2021

Here is a brief introduction to some of the six-figure carryovers heading into the weekend.

Penn National Super High Five Jackpot – $226,524

The 20-cent Hollywood Hi 5 at Penn National has been steadily accumulating and currently stands at $226,524. Sweeping the whole pool is difficult (you have to construct a unique winning ticket), but consolation payoffs typically fall in the range of a few hundred dollars—not bad for a 20-cent bet.

Gulfstream Park Pick 6 Jackpot – $190,483

The Rainbow Pick 6 requires the selection of the winner in each of six races. The entire net Rainbow 6 pool and carryover will be paid out to the winner of a unique (single) wager. If no one selected the first-place finisher in all six races, the major share of the Rainbow 6 pool will be distributed as a single prize pool to those who picked the first-place finisher in the greatest number of races. The monoi share will be added to or create the jackpot pool.

Lone Star Park Pick 6 Jackpot – $163,799

Mandatory payout day: May 31, 2021

Pick the winners of 6 consecutive races. The 20-cent Pick 6 Jackpot at Lone Star Park in Texas pays out to 50% of the current day’s pool to multiple winners with the most correct. The other 50% will be added to the Carryover Pool.

The Carryover Jackpot will be paid out only when there is a single unique wager with 6-out-of-6 correct or on a scheduled Mandatory Takeout of just 12% equals the lowest in the industry.

PARX Racing Philly Pick 5 Jackpot – $149,329

A single ticket with all 5 winners will payout the net pool plus jackpot. If there’s no single ticket with all 5 correct, 70% paid to multiple pick 5 tickets (or tickets with most correct), and 30% will carry over to jackpot pool. Scratches get post-time favorite —minimum $.50 bet with 15% takeout.

Santa Anita Park 20 Cent Rainbow Pick 6 Jackpot – $112,826

For the 20 cent Rainbow Pick 6 Jackpot, the player must accurately select the 6 consecutive designated race winners. Or typically, it’s the last 6 races of the card. The player must hold the only unique ticket to select the winners of the 6 consecutive designated races to win the Single Ticket Jackpot. If nobody hits the Rainbow Pick 6, the designated portion of the pool rolls over to the Rainbow Pick 6 Jackpot Pool.


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