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Belgium vs Portugal Prediction and Pick

The FIFA #1 team in the world Belgium will face off against the FIFA #5 team Portugal in the Round of 16 on Sunday, June 27 at 3:00 pm EST. This is most likely one of the best matchups of the Round of 16 as these are two teams that have the talent to win it all. Unfortunately, Belgium has proved to be the more impressive so far in the Euros

Belgium confidently moved through the group stage, dealing with a close game against Denmark. Despite some of their stronger players in De Bruyne and Hazard dealing with injuries, they handled their group stage with ease. Portugal, on the other hand, comes out of the group of death in third place. Germany beat them handily, Hungary played them to a very close game and Portugal was lucky to come out with a win, and then they played just alright against France. They have a tough matchup ahead of themselves. Keep reading and check out our Belgium vs Portugal betting prediction! 

Belgium’s Ways to Win

Portugal has shown that they are not a full team at all moments of the game and they can be outclassed. They play a very deep defensive brand of soccer, waiting for their moments to go on the attack. Belgium will either need some especially crafty play (which they surely have) or they will need to take some shots from range to see what Rui Patricio is made of.

Portugal did not handle Germany’s outside backs getting high up the field and when numbers were inside the box in central areas, Portugal crumbled. This is De Bruyne and Lukaku’s space and they can really make a lot happen if Belgium finds ways to get those two on the ball in the box. Belgium just needs to do their thing. They are clever and crafty. Stick to their guns. No team in this tournament will have an easy time defending them. If they vary their attack and defend the counter well by slowing down Portugal with patience, yet calculated defense, they will do very well.

Portugal’s Ways to Win

Portugal needs to find a way to handle flanks. They looked incredibly weak when teams overloaded their outsides and whipped crosses into the box. An early goal will be key to this game. If Portugal can get ahead and then really stay compact with numbers behind the ball, Belgium will have holes on the counter that Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes can take advantage of. 

If they let Belgium get ahead early, it will be a really tough climb back into the game. Or, all Portugal needs is some Ronaldo magic. One goal from him and he sets the all-time international scoring record, so one can be sure he is hungry for at least one goal.

Belgium vs Portugal Prediction 

Portugal have not had the tournament Belgium has had. It is unfortunate they have to face Belgium in the Round of 16 as the Belgians are one of the toughest draws one could get, but fate is a cruel mistress. Portugal does not have what it takes to beat Belgium. They will give them a good fight; there is no doubt about that. Ronaldo and Co. are just not up to snuff. 

Belgium vs Portugal Prediction: Belgium 2 Portugal 1 

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