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How to Build a Bigger Sports Betting Bankroll?

There are going to be a lot of websites that are going to give you tips on how to increase your bankroll and it could be a little intimidating when you begin. It seems like everyone is always winning but it is important to know that professional bettors win just 55 percent of their wagers. Today, we are going to discuss a few helpful tips on how to increase your bankroll so you can make some money by placing some bets, no matter what you are starting off with.

Don’t Be Afraid of Huge Favorites

I understand a lot of other people giving out tips are going to frown upon reading this but this has personally helped me in the past. When I am waiting in between some bets I am more likely to place a wager on a heavy favorite to make a little bit of extra money and have additional units to play with once the games I have researched and can make more on.

What I personally look for is games that are closer to the end and having odds at least -2500. If you sprinkle something on it, you can make a small percentage back and continue to chip away. The probability that a comeback will happen is so miniscule that it makes me feel like I am leaving money on the table. There is always a sporting event going on but do not bet anything that would upset you and continue to chip away and make a percentage as a security blanket.

Do Your Research

This seems to be simple and a no-brainer but not as many people do it as you would think. With sportsbooks being created like cryptocurrency, you do not need to enter a sportsbook in order to place a wager. That means you have the internet at your disposal to do some research. I will give you a couple of key websites that I have bookmarked on my personal computer to be prepared as well as some things to listen to so you can be ready.

Some websites to do incredible research is Covers and Odds Shark to have some research into covering the spread or over/unders as well. Figuring exactly what to target is important but you are going in expecting to lose if you do not research. Some podcasts to listen to that really helps me feel prepared are Daily Wager and VSiN Best Bets. I also subscribe to SiriusXM and they have some betting channels to help you feel prepared.


These feel like foolproof plans in order to win some extra money and have an additional revenue stream. Make sure to lower your expectations because you are not going to become a millionaire overnight but with diligent work, this could become a serious revenue stream where you can be a little bit in the green overall.

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