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Get Back on the Horse (The Right Way)

I’m not going to lie…Today was a rough day.

My bankroll took a hit, and more importantly, my attitude went downhill. I pulled the cardinal sin of sports betting.

I was losing, and I tried to chase my losses on a day where underdogs prevailed. In the early slate of week nine NFL games, five underdogs were victorious. One score says everything you need to know about today’s games.

The Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the Buffalo Bills by a 9-6 margin. The worst team in football defeated one of the best teams in football and ruined parlays all over America.

When I watched Josh Allen, and the Bills offense get stopped on fourth down with under one minute remaining, I collapsed. I felt like my soul had left my body, and at this point, I realized I had to stop for the day.

Sports betting got the best of me on Sunday, but this does not mean I shouldn’t get back on the horse. Based on today’s results, a lot of people are feeling similar to me as I write this blog.

Before I give my tips, I want to give a shoutout to the Jaguars money line bettors and all the people who took dogs today.

If you leaned on the favorites, here’s some advice to get back on the horse the right way.

Don’t Chase in Week 9

I recommend staying away from the Sunday and Monday night games if you have run your pockets dry for the week. You can also take a different approach, like doing a small same-game parlay for a massive return.

I’m not saying to stay away from the action. However, when you have a rough week, you tend to make rash decisions. I did it on multiple live bets today, and I discuss this for a living, so it can happen to the best of us in betting.

If you want to wager, move to a different sport for a couple of days where your mind isn’t fogged. Basketball could be a great way to work your way out of the week nine slump.

Stick to Your Bankroll

When you have a bankroll, stick to it and don’t keep digging for more money. The cash that you deposit should be your starting money for the week. If you have gone red, tap out until you can deposit more money.

I know it’s hard. It’s really hard, but you will thank yourself next weekend when you’re winning with money you would have lost on underdog Sunday.

This helps you have more fun and shake the losses off much easier.

Forgive Yourself, but Don’t Forget

If you made a mistake like chasing or placing a live bet on a whim, forgive yourself. If you can’t forgive yourself, you will find your way out of the slump.

However, you shouldn’t forget the mistake you made because it cost you money. It will do the same thing again in the coming weeks, so cut out the bad practices before they become habits.

If you take these tips, you’ll be winning again in no time. Scared money don’t make money. Let’s get back on the horse the right way.

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