New York City FC vs Los Angeles FC Prediction

New York City FC vs Los Angeles FC Prediction

Looking for New York City FC vs Los Angeles FC betting prediction? If you are, stay tuned, read our in-depth analysis, and find out what to bet on and why. Do not place any bets before you read this piece! 

Los Angeles FC will host New York City FC on May 29 with a 5:00 pm EST kickoff. The two clubs have only met twice in their club histories. Each of those games ended in 2-2 draws. Will this one be the same? Or will the pattern change?

Los Angeles FC are trying to build some momentum after finally grabbing their second win of the season despite playing six games already. Carlos Vela is finally back for the gold and black and it will be a much-needed boost to their attack. Vela and Rossi together are a force to be reckoned with. Rossi’s brace led LA FC to their victory last week and will try to push plenty past Sean Johnson on Saturday.  

New York City FC: Way to Win

New York City FC has been on a slow decline since their fantastic two wins in two games to start the season. Two straight draws and a most recent 2-1 loss to the Crew have put New York City FC in a disappointing position. Ronny Deila and the boys in blue know how important this match is to the momentum of the season and will prepare accordingly.

That preparation comes with the defense. Surprisingly, the NYCFC attack has been especially strong so far and Castellanos is performing especially well. He has four goals in six games despite struggling last year to find the back of the net. Jesus Medina as well as four goals and the NYCFC offense has been placed on the backs of their shoulders, but they are handling the responsibility.

Defense is the name of the game. Maintain balance across the backline and win individual matchups is especially important against Los Angeles FC. Do not let Rossi and Vela combine and have space, or they will spin circles around whoever they come up against. They are two very deadly attackers in the MLS and given room to work with, they will win games. NYCFC needs to corral both of them, or at least make sure supporting defense shifts if they want to win.

Los Angeles FC: Way to Win

Los Angeles FC needs to find a way to limit Castellanos and Medina; they are the sole threats of the NYCFC attack. Both of them become significantly less effective outside of the box. They are clinical finishers, but they don’t do as well when they have to create chances by themselves. With their confidence on the rise, this is less true, but NYCFC as a team have difficulty scoring when semi-far from the net. This was their biggest weakness last year and it is still true.

Los Angeles FC will have no shortage of chances, and will surely put one or two in the back of the net, but they need to handle the power of NYCFC’s offense right now to take away three points and begin to climb the ladder.

New York City FC vs Los Angeles FC – Prediction

On general team talent, Los Angeles FC are my favorite here. Given recent form and Vela’s addition back into the squad, LA FC looks like they will make it happen at home. I don’t like the inconsistency of NYCFC’s game as well as the lack of goal distribution. Los Angeles FC at home looks like they’ll take this one. 

Pick: Los Angeles FC

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