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Updating Your NFL Win Total Bet

One of the most popular preseason NFL bets is an over/under bet on an NFL win total. And now that we have just a month left of the regular season, we’re in a pretty good spot to predict which of those NFL win totals will go over, and which will go under.

Buffalo Bills – OVER 11.5 Wins

The preseason Super Bowl favorites were also the recipients of the highest preseason NFL win total line. At 11.5, and with five games remaining, the Bills do look like a good bet to go over and win at least 12 games.

They are big favorites against the Jets this week, and according to Cold, Hard Football Facts’ Quality Stats Power Rankings, they are better than every other team on their remaining schedule, including Miami and Cincinnati. Getting to 13 wins should be no problem.

Kansas City Chiefs – OVER 10.5 Wins

A lot of pundits had the Chiefs missing the playoffs without Tyreek Hill this season, but the win total experts never gave up on the Chiefs. At 10.5 they had one of the highest preseason win totals in the NFL, and they are a cinch to go over it. With nine wins right now, and two games with the Broncos, plus a game against the Texans, Kansas City will easily cover.

Philadelphia Eagles – OVER 9.5 Wins

If you put money down on the Eagles at 9.5 wins, congratulations on your win. You can’t cash out on the bet until the season is over, but feel free to make plans for your winnings. The Eagles went over their preseason win total with their Week 12 win over Green Bay

Los Angeles Rams – UNDER 10.5 Wins

There is a history of Super Bowl champions having a down year following their win, but that wasn’t supposed to happen to the Rams. They had all of the stars back to make another run at a Lombardi. Instead they are at the very bottom of the NFC.

If you took the under on the Rams win total, you are a winner. The Rams, however, have been anything but that all season long.

Las Vegas Raiders – UNDER 8.5 Wins

In order for the Raiders to get over 8.5 wins they need to get four wins in their final five games. They will get one this week against the Rams, but then the schedule becomes more difficult. Again, using Cold, Hard Football Facts’ Quality Stats Power Rankings, the Raiders rank 21st in the NFL. Their remaining games are against No. 4 San Francisco, No. 6 Kansas City, No. 8 New England, and No. 25 Pittsburgh.

Even if the Chiefs rest all of their starters in the Week 18 game with the Raiders, it’s hard to find three wins in those final four games. The Raiders have underperformed most of the season, and they are going to finish the year UNDER 8.5 wins.

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