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Taphorn’s Twelve Pack: NFL Week 5

Here’s your weekly twelve pack of NFL betting advice, drink at your own risk. Crack open six NFL Week 5 bets that I like and six bets that I don’t and pray for a great weekend without a hangover.

Week 4 Record: 5-1; +3.0 units; Year-to-date Record: 16-8; +6.0 unit

6 Bets I Like

1. Los Angeles Rams -2.5 at Seattle Seahawks

The Rams finally looked mortal in their game against the Cardinals. This is still one of the best teams in the NFL and the defense should get after Russell Wilson.

Bet amount: ½ unit

2. Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers -3.5

Both teams have been beaten badly by the Cowboys in consecutive weeks. The Panthers need to hang on one more week until Christian McCaffrey comes back, but the offense should find success against this Eagles team.

Bet amount: ½ unit

3. Tennessee Titans -4.5 at Jacksonville Jaguars

It’s hard to have a worse week than Urban Meyer did. Preparing to defend Derrick Henry won’t make life any easier while trying to win back his team.

Bet amount: 2 units

4. Green Bay Packers -3 at Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are playing better, but Aaron Rodgers is still the reigning MVP. Can Joe Burrow and Cincy take advantage of a hobbled Packers team? Still going to side with the veteran on this one.

Bet amount: 1 unit

5. New England Patriots -8.5 at Houston Texans

Mac Jones came close to outdueling Tom Brady in Foxborough. The Patriots quarterback has been the most impressive of the rookies so far, including Davis Mills who will be on the other side of the field in this one. Bill Belichick’s record against rookies is outstanding and Houston has had a rough few weeks.

Bet amount: 2 units

6. Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs over 56.5 points

The Chiefs defense can’t stop anyone in the red zone. Josh Allen and Brian Daboll might be the best quarterback/offensive coordinator combination in the league not named Patrick Mahomes and Eric Bienemy. Lots of points coming in this Sunday night showdown.

Bet amount: 1 unit

6 Bets to Avoid

1. New York Jets vs Atlanta Falcons -3 (London)

Too much unpredictability with the time change, and flight across the pond. I’ll probably forget to turn the game on that early, so I’ll stay away.

2. New Orleans Saints -2.5 at Washington Football Team

I’m not quite sure what either of these teams are right now. Both defenses were supposed to be great, but neither has quite lived up to the billing and both quarterbacks are a gamble.

3. Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings -8.5

Minnesota goes from looking like Super Bowl contenders to drafting in the top 10 depending on what time you flip on the game. They should handle the Lions with ease, but you never know with Kirk Cousins.

4. Denver Broncos at Pittsburgh Steelers -1.5

Big Ben should have looked into retiring this offseason. The Steelers are 1-3 and Ben’s struggles won’t bode well against Fangio’s defense. Drew Lock came in for Teddy Bridgewater last week and the thoughts of him facing the Steelers defense shouldn’t excite Broncos fans either.

5. Cleveland Browns at Los Angeles Chargers -1.5

The Chargers are rolling behind Justin Herbert. Baker and the Browns will be a big test as LA faces its fourth straight tough game.

6. San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals -5.5

NFC West games will be a coin flip any week they play. The Cardinals are the last undefeated team in the league, but everyone will have their eyes on Trey Lance with a week of preparation.

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