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A Whole Lot of Turkey & Football Coming Your Way

College Football

As we’ve seen in the previous week of college football bouts, all titans can fall. Look at Tennessee for example. While unfortunate for them, it’s the way the game works, it’s physical, tough, and hard to stay at the top for so long. It’s what makes football at times unpredictable. But I’m not here to predict wrong, so let’s continue swaying right. To start, I love the Tulane Green Wave. The story of them is fantastic and the Wave their offense causing opposing defenses is for real! Take them this week over Cincinnati at the Bearcat’s house at underdogs and watch them upset the Cats and keep rolling through. And this last week of the regular season isn’t like the pros; they mean everything! This is for bowl ranking, believe they will all be playing very hard. With that in mind, teams such as Georgia, TCU, Oregon, LSU, Penn State, USC, and Kansas State will continue to cement their path to a more relevant ranking not only in their conference but towards their bowl appearance.

Teams like Tennessee will most likely lose without their star QB, and the deciding factor will be who’s the true number two in college football. Michigan versus Ohio State. Debatable is the game of the year. Jim Harbaugh’s team vs the ruthless Buckeyes crew. Who do I get? I got Ohio State at home, led by CJ Stroud, and that consistent offense to get the job done. This is Michigan’s best run in a while since Harbaugh’s arrival and while their presence will still be noticed, I think we all know Ohio State is even potentially looking past this game and gearing up to take on the reigning champs in the College Football Finals in the Georgia Bulldogs.


Get ready folks. Lots of pigskins and turkeys this weekend! No better way to have a truly hearty Thanksgiving Day than by watching America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys face the New York Giants in Dallas. With New York putting up an abysmal performance previously to the lackluster Lions, it’s really hard to side with Danny Dimes at this point, even with his IQ and superb running-out-the-pocket capability. I think the defense will collapse on Danny, and that highly talented rushing offense of Dallas will get the job done. Along with that, you’ll get to see the Buffalo Bills pummel the already heartbroken Detroit fans in the Motor City but anything to cheer about will make that family happy these days so I’m sure they’re excited to see one of the NFL’s come into town on Turkey Day.

And finally, we get to witness a sneaky and potentially the most interesting match of the day in the New England Patriots versus the Minnesota Vikings, which will be interesting to see if Bill Belichick’s crew can shut down another offense that just recently was eliminated by Dallas. With the Vikings being an extremely more talented team and at home, you’d think to take the Vikings here, and a Kirk Cousins bounceback is bound. With the New England Patriots ranking third in all defenses this season, it’ll be interesting to see if the Vikings can bounce back on such a point-stingy opponent. Matt Judon may be all up in Kirk’s grill on Thursday evening. Take the Patriots spread, whatever the line is.

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