NFL Preseason Long shots to Final Month Favorites

NFL Preseason Long shots to Final Month Favorites

We love futures bets, and now that we have just four weeks left of the NFL regular season, the future is almost here.

Let’s check in on the most popular NFL futures bets and where you have the greatest chances to cash in on your preseason longshots.

NFL Most Valuable Player

Jalen Hurts – Preseason +2500; Today -140

Let’sLet’s hope you were prescient enough to put money down on Jalen Hurts to win the MVP back in August. He was paying a hefty +2500 before the season kicked off, but he moved into the favorite slot this past week.

Using Cold, Hard Football Facts’Facts’ pass rating stats, and Defensive Real Quarterback Rating, we can see that Hurts will play the 28th-ranked Bears, the third-ranked Cowboys, the 18th-ranked Saints, and the 14th-ranked Giants.

It’sIt’s a favorable enough schedule that he should continue to put up good numbers and hold off the other contenders, Patrick Mahomes (+200) and Joe Burrow (+600)

NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

Garrett Wilson – Preseason +1800; Today +175

The Jets Garrett Wilson is the favorite as we begin the season’s final four weeks, jumping up considerably from where he was when the season kicked off. He is second among rookie receivers with 887 yards and 60 catches.

The fact that Wilson has continued to be great, even as the Jets’Jets’ offense has not, is a big boost to his candidacy.

Kenneth Walker III – Preseason +2500; Today +260

When the season kicked off, running back Kenneth Walker was a true longshot at +2500. Then he became the favorite at -175, but now that status is falling. Walker has been injured and has just 89 yards in his last three games, but his nine total touchdowns will keep him in the conversation a little longer.

Christian Watson – Preseason +1600; Today +300

Christian Watson has just 25 catches for 401 yards, but he has nine total touchdowns on the season and eight touchdowns in his last four games. He is finishing the season stronger than any other rookie in the league, but a slow first half to the year may ultimately keep him from winning the award.

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year

Sauce Gardner – Preseason +1200; Today +500

A mid-level favorite to begin the year, Sauce Gardner was the heavy favorite just a few weeks ago. But as the Jets lose, he has lost most of his lead over the competition.

Aidan Hutchinson – Preseason +450; Today +550

One of the favorites to begin the season, the remaining schedule is favorable to Aidan Hutchinson’sHutchinson’s DROY efforts. Cold, Hard Football Facts measures offensive line effectiveness with its Offensive Hog Index, and both the Jets and Panthers rank in the lower third of the league.

Tariq Woolen – Preseason +12500; Today +600

If the Seahawks rookie cornerback Tariq Woolen wins the Defensive Rookie of the Year award, he will be the longest shot to win the award. And Woolen, drafted 153rd overall, will be the lowest-drafted winner since eighth-round draft pick Al Richardson won in 1980.

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