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How Boston’s Success Effects World Series Betting Odds

The Boston Red Sox have been on fire the last two months, tearing their way through the MLB. 13-4 in the month of June, this team is steamrolling competition in a battle for the wild card.

Although this team started with +1600 World Series odds, their 9-13 record didn’t help their case. After a perfectly average 14-14 May, things seemed dull for Boston. Then, as the month of May was ending, hope was starting to restore.

With a record of 36-31, they’re only a game behind the Rays at 36-30. With the Blue Jays at 38-28, a playoff birth is in the cards for all three of these teams. With the season almost halfway over, let’s see how the AL East shakeup affects World Series betting odds.

Playoff Betting Odds –  Top 15

  • Los Angeles Dodgers: Yes -2500, No +1500
  • Houston Astros: Yes -10000, No +2000
  • New York Yankees: Yes -20000, No +4000
  • Toronto Blue Jays: Yes -1400, No +900
  • New York Mets: Yes -2500, No +1500
  • Milwaukee Brewers: Yes -500, No +380
  • Atlanta Braves: Yes -350, No +275
  • San Diego Padres: Yes -650, No +475
  • Chicago White Sox: Yes -160, No +135
  • Tampa Bay Rays: Yes -195, No +160
  • San Francisco Giants: Yes -180, No +145
  • Boston Red Sox: Yes -145, No +120
  • St. Louis Cardinals: Yes -135, No +110
  • Philadelphia Phillies: Yes +120, No -145
  • Minnesota Twins: Yes -145, No +120

Although this may seem low, the fact that Boston is being bet on to make the playoffs is a significant step up. After being 10-19 in early May, they were dead last in the division, even to the Orioles. Now that their season has flipped on its head, they are in contention for that number 2 spot right behind the Yankees.

World Series Betting Odds

  • Los Angeles Dodgers: +450
  • New York Yankees: +450
  • Houston Astros: +650
  • New York Mets: +750
  • Toronto Blue Jays: +1000
  • Atlanta Braves: +1200
  • San Diego Padres: +1300
  • Milwaukee Brewers: +1400
  • Chicago White Sox: +2500
  • Tampa Bay Rays: +2500
  • San Francisco Giants: +2800
  • St. Louis Cardinals: +3500
  • Philadelphia Phillies: +3500
  • Boston Red Sox: +4000
  • Minnesota Twins: +4000

Although the Sox didn’t move too far up the board, you can see how much their division rivals have moved down. Tampa, after being the only competitor with the Blue Jays so far this year, is slipping down the boards. The Rays actually started the year closer to +1600 in World Series betting odds, and as the Sox moved from +6500 to +4000 in a month, the Rays went from +2000 to +2500.

Although there isn’t much movement at the top of the AL East, the Red Sox are making much progress on their own, taking out Tampa with them. If they keep winning, odds will change, and don’t be surprised if Toronto starts moving closer and closer to third place, and further and further from a shot at the World Series.

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