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Three More Prop Bets for the 2023 MLB Season

The 2023 MLB season is long and very unpredictable, however, there is money to be made when it comes to player prop bets. This article will pick the three player props that will make you the most money when October comes.

Shohei Ohtani to Win AL MVP

Shohei Ohtani has been taking the baseball world by storm ever since he entered the league, and I personally believe he is a better hitter than a pitcher, but with the AL pitchers having down season to start the 2023 MLB season, Ohtani has dominated in his starts and is creating distance between him and the other pitchers.

Shohei has an amazing fastball-slider combination that he uses the most when dealing with hitters, but it is splitter than may be the best pitch in baseball. All three look like fastballs but end up in spots 1-2 feet apart.

He is taking the baseball world by storm and to think he will only win one MVP is crazy to me so take this bet to the bank and trust that Shohei Ohtani will win the second MVP of his career during the 2023 MLB season.

Luis Arraez to Win NL MVP

Luis Arraez is dominating every pitcher he faces so far this year. Although it is early he has always been an elite contact hitter and is now adding power so that could lead to insane OPS and OPS+ numbers.

With voters moving to other stats than batting average and home runs, Arraez will need his OPS and OPS+ to stand out from the rest. He is one of the best average hitters as well and adding a batting title is sure to help his odds.

Overall, Arraez could help the Marlins compete for a playoff spot which is sure to bring attention his way when it comes to 2023 MLB MVP voters.

Dylan Cease to led the American League in Strikeouts (AGAIN)

The last article had this bet as one of my locks and it needs to be again so everyone can make some money. Cease has had some of the highest spin rate in the league during the 2023 MLB season and has violent breaks on most of his pitches.

Cease led the league two years ago with strikeouts per nine innings, and has had back to back years of over 225 strikeouts, doing so with less than 200 innings pitched both times. He will need to cut back on walks as he led the league last year.

If Cease stays healthy he should easily be over 200 innings and based on his strikeouts per nine innings, should be able to get over 250-275 strikeouts putting him at the top of the American League projections, and with good odds back this one of the best prop bets of the season.

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