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Updated Top 5 August World Series Betting Odds

With the regular season nearing a close, the playoffs are more and more imminent. With some divisions separating the best from the worst while others come closer in talent, the World Series is in the eyes of teams across the league.

Now that August is finally here, we can look at the World Series odds and how they’ve changed. With the AL East in a blender and a younger team on the rise, we can now look at the odds and see what’s in store for the MLB Playoffs.

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T-1. NY Yankees (+360)

Many fans are wondering why there’s a big T next to the Yankees’ name. That is simply because they are tied in first.

Their dominance still puts them as the No. 1 ranked team in the MLB, but the margin has grown ever so slimmer, Even with the team’s success, there are two or three teams on the uprise ready to take that regular season mantle.

However, this doesn’t bode terribly for the Yanks. They are still an incredibly talented team, although they just haven’t won as many games in pure dominance. They have the most talented roster in baseball, and just need to bring back the momentum.

T-1. LA Dodgers (+360)

A little while ago, the Dodgers wouldn’t see themselves on this list. However, things have changed drastically.

The team is a staggering 21-5 for the month of July. Their win percentage of the month eclipses 80%, and they have more than enough talent to step up and secure No. 1.

The team is only two games behind New York, but their streak continues. Even without the best regular season ranking, this team has a legitimate chance of rivaling the Yankees for the championship.

3. HOU Astros (+450)

In a close second for the World Series, the 67-36 Astros make the list. Houston is only 3 games behind the best team, and one behind the Dodgers.

In all honesty, these teams should be tied for the top spot. The losses against the Oakland A’s have since tarnished that unbreakable reputation and brought down some betting value.

This team, despite its bump, is a contender. The fact that they fell in the rankings is a nice opportunity to swoop in with a World Series pick. They just won a series against the Mariners, and hope to continue this success in Boston.

4. NY Mets (+600)

The Mets have come out of the shadows as a nice dark horse for the World Series. No one on the starting rotation is batting under .200, and the Alonso and Lindor duo hasn’t taken a day off.

They were a great team in the MLB, but their 7 game win streak has really put them at the top of the ladder. Closing in on the Astros with a 65-37 record, Houston should be worried that they’re overtaken.

5. ATL Braves (+950)

In a shocking turn of events, the NL East rivals are not only close in the race for the division winner, but for the championship as well. The two teams are neck and neck, with over 60 wins each.

The Braves have a young and talented roster. They are widely considered the possible next superteam of the MLB.

The 2021 Champions not only have the resume, but they have the winning experience and the talent to boot. This is an absolute sleeper pick for the World Series, but all the other teams listed above are serious competition.

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