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Detailed 2021 MLB All-Star Game Prediction

The MLB All-Star game is on Tuesday night and the game’s brightest stars — or those who chose to participate — will be on center stage at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado.

Here’s what we have in store for you in our 2021 MLB All-Star Game Prediction:

The American League has dominated the All-Star game since the turn of the century winning 16 of the 20 contests. The only years that the American League hasn’t won the All-Star game since 2000 are in 2002 when the game ended in a tie, 2010-12 when the National League won three straight, and in 2020 when no game was played because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The American League’s dominance over the game has taken shape again with the junior circuit winning seven straight games dating back to 2013 when the AL won 3-0 in New York at Citi Field.

The All-Star game always seems to produce some very memorable moments from player ovations to big plays and memorable pitcher vs. hitter matchups. The 2021 All-Star game in Colorado is sure to produce many of the same moments that baseball fans have grown to love.


With many players opting to not participate in the All-Star game, the rosters don’t have some of the game’s better players from the first half, but there is still some legitimate intrigue on the roster and some matchups that are sure to produce memorable moments.

With the game in Colorado, it’s fair to assume that with the loaded lineups and increased offensive production in the last couple of weeks that we will have a high-scoring game. Arguably the biggest question around this is if MLB is going to put the baseballs inside the Coors Field humidor. It’s been widely rumored that MLB decided not to put the baseball inside the humidor for Monday night’s Home Run Derby, so if they follow the same plan on Tuesday we are likely to see a ton of scoring.

If this game comes down to who is able to get some key outs in big situations, it seems fair to assume that the National League has a small advantage. The NL’s pitching staff is pretty deep across the board, especially in the bullpen.

The National League’s bullpen has lights out relievers like Josh Hader and Craig Kimbrel to potentially close the game out, but Cardinals closer Alex Reyes could be used in a middle innings relief role. Reyes has a perfect 20 saves in his 20 opportunities this season and his 1.52 ERA is one of the better marks in all of baseball.

The bench rotation is a bit of a conundrum for each team this week. Many players on each side opted to not partake in the All-Star Game, saying they desired some extra rest and time away from the game. Most notably, Astros second baseman Jose Altuve is one of these players.

The American League likely has the advantage in the starting nine, headlined by Vladimir Guerro Jr., Rafael Devers, and Shohei Ohtani but that the National League’s best is loaded. Chicago Cub third baseman and outfielder Kris Bryant, who some still view as a potential MVP candidate, is coming off the bench behind Cardinal third baseman Nolan Arenado.

The National League is also set to bring Manny Machado and J.T. Realmuto off the bench too.

MLB All-Star Game Prediction

I would take the over this game. I think it’s fair to assume that with the recent increase in offense across the sport and with the game in Denver there is going to be a lot of runs scored.

The American League has dominated this thing over the last 20 years and while it traditionally has been something dominated by one league it feels like the pendulum is going to swing back in favor of the NL at some point. However, that year isn’t in 2021. Take the American League to score enough runs and keep the NL off the board just enough in the late innings to win their eighth straight All-Star game.

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